PETA wants the federal government to crack down on Tiger King Star’s “Doc” entre

New spin-off documentary Tiger King: Doc Entre Story Is streamed on Netflix, and a new focus on the Bagavan “Doc” Entre is that PETA is demanding a criminal investigation.Previously, Entre was featured in the original hit series Tiger King: Murder, Madness, Mayhem.. He is the main subject of a new three-part spin-off series that just debuted on Netflix a month later. Tiger KingThe second season of was premiered.

As far as PETA is concerned, the only news about Entre is Tiger King The star was finally held liable for his alleged crime. In the open letter issued by the organization, ” Tiger KingThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has quoted or sued a roadside exhibitor who exploits all the animals in the series for animal welfare violations, with the exception of the Myrtle Beach Safari operator Bagavan “Doc” Entre. letter Demands that the agency begin to hold him accountable. ”

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The organization added, “Antre breeds big cat pups, prematurely separates them from their mothers, and with stressful and dangerous cameras with influencers, athletes, and other” VIPs “and members, including young children and adults. Drive into the encounter of. Despite officially claiming that the use of large cats in this way violates federal animal welfare law, the USDA has turned these potentially deadly promotional stunts into a green light. (AWA) In 2005, the USDA told Antle that encounters with these animals violated AWA and urged him to sue and defeat him. But his reckless stunts continue. ”

“Turning on the camera doesn’t suddenly make it safer or accepted to harass or abuse a big cat,” he says. PETA Brittany Pete, Deputy Legal Adviser of the Foundation for Captive Animal Law Enforcement. “Entre is not beyond the law. PETA is calling on USDA to finally throw a book at the risk of brave animal exploitation and humans.”

“Entre stunts are also flying in the face of USDA’s recent official recommendations urging cat exhibitors to suspend their actual encounters with animals during a pandemic. And COVID-19. There are good reasons for transmission to humans from other species and animals at the zoo. Humans are sick all over the country, “the PETA statement added.

original Tiger King The series did not portray the “Doc” entre with the most flattering light. Since then, he has suggested: His portrayal was not accurate, TMX.news, “Remember, this is not a documentary. It’s a sneaky and ridiculous vehicle through a television show produced to create a drama.”

Tiger King: Doc Entre Story Currently being streamed on Netflix, as well as the first two seasons of Tiger King.. Joe Exotic, One of the subjects Tiger King The franchise has been in prison for murder and cruelty to animals. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and transferred to a medical facility.From behind the bar, the exotic was involved in the second season of Tiger King..

Over time, we’ll know if Entre will eventually go to court, as PETA wants.This news comes to us from PETA..

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PETA wants the federal government to crack down on Tiger King Star’s “Doc” entre

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