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The Buccane match day is approaching, and it’s time for staff to provide weekly match predictions. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section of the article, and add your predictions as well.

RAMS Buccaneers

when: Sunday, September 26, 2021 | where: SoFi Stadium | kick off: 4:25 pm (Eastern Standard Time) | TV set: fox

For each play: Joe Buck |Analyst: Troy Aikman | Side business: Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi

98 Lock 97.9FM | For each play: Gene Deckerhoff | Analyst: Dave Moore | Side business: TJ live

Spanish Radio:
96.1 FM | For each play: Carlos Bohorquez | Analyst: Marting Lamatica

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Scott Reynolds: Bacchus wins close to stretch two streaks in Los Angeles

My 2021 Bucs season forecast predicted a loss in Tampa Bay in the third week of the game in Los Angeles. Hey, Buccane won’t be the perfect 17-0 this season. I predicted a record of 13-4. This will be the most win of any season in the history of the franchise. Some ridiculed the fact that I had Bacchus lose four games! How has the era of Tampa Bay changed? And yes, I had Bacchus losing to Rams in the first prediction.

BucsQB Tom Brady

Bucs QB Tom Brady – Photo courtesy of USA Today

But what do you know? I can’t oppose this team. You cannot choose Buccane to lose the game until you lose the game. Under the leadership of Tom Brady, Bucks scored more than 30 points in nine consecutive NFL record games. Tampa Bay has won 10 games in a row, dating back to last year. Can Buccane lose to this game? of course. This is the first road contest since the NFC Championship Game in Green Bay. Still, Buccane has won the last eight road games dating back to 45-20 wins in Las Vegas last October.

Rams is a formidable team with lots of playmakers on each side of the ball. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bucks lost to a strong candidate team at this year’s NFC.You can read everything about matchups to see in my new Fab5 column of SR. And the rest of the pewter reporters will explain their breakdown here. Ryan Succop’s field goal picks Bucks to move Tampa Bay 3-0.

Reynolds Score Prediction: Buccaneers 33, Rams 30
Reynolds Season Record: 2-0

Jon Ledyard: Can Bowles solve McBay?Believe when you see

For two years as Bucks’ defense coordinator, no one was as aggressive as Sean McVay who dominated the Todd Bowles. Bowles won the first meeting between the two, 55-40, but was saved only by Jared Goff’s four shifts. With Goff’s two interceptions, last year’s meeting was closer than it should be, but McBay’s Rams won 27-24. In these two games, Rams’ attack accumulated 931 yards and 67 points, despite six turnovers.

BucsDC Todd Bowles

Bucs DC Todd Bowles – Photo: USA Today

The biggest reason LA was successful was that they committed to the pass game even though Bowles sold out and stopped the run. McBay chose only 26 carries out of 121 passes for running backs at these two meetings. Rams isn’t just interested in playing soccer against Tampa Bay. It’s hard to bet on him to succeed in this match until Bowles recognizes it and changes his approach.

I think Bacchus’attack still has some impressive moments, but I’m worried about the destructive play of Bacchus’ running back, along with drops and penalties from the entire unit. On the contrary, the Rams have only two turnovers, making it the second least penalized team in the NFL. Los Angeles is now playing clearer and cleaner football. But even if it falls in the third week, there is still confidence in the long-term Buccane this season.

Redyard Score Prediction: Rams 26, Bucks 23
Red Yard Season Record: 2-0

Matt Matera: Buccane shows why they are defending champions

Buccane has undergone the most testing earlier this season as it makes its first road trip to the west coast of Los Angeles. They lack some major players, but they have a solid amount of depth to make sure there are no dropoffs. Bucs leads the league with an average of 39.5 points per game, and this week we need to do as much as we can to stop the Rams.

It’s hard not to defend Jason Pierre Paul. However, Bucs has only two sack in two games, and the insertion of rookie Joe Tryon-Shoyinka may be necessary for Tampa Bay. Due to its quick movement and hand placement, Soyinka could arrive at Matthew Stafford earlier than anyone else in the Backspa Slash. I hope the defense will earn significant sales before Rams does to avoid this.

It’s encouraging to think that it’s as electrical as Bacchus’ attack, but there’s still room for improvement. So far, I haven’t seen much ground games, but the way to throw the ball is fine. Tom Brady was systematic when breaking the Rams Zone Heavy Defense, so look for collective efforts from the receiver. No one may have a breakout game, but Scott Miller and Tyler Johnson, who are expected to replace Antonio Brown, can influence on more occasions. Buccane is a defensive champion for some reason, so there isn’t much reason to choose Buccane until someone knocks them off.

Matera Score Prediction: Buccaneers 34, Rams 31
Matera Season Record: 2-0

JC Allen: Close game hits FG

The match on Sunday will be the third in a few years when the two teams have faced each other, the series will be split and both teams will win the Roadwin. That trend should continue here on Sundays. The two teams will score a total of 124 points between the two games, and this game should also be a scoring game with 50 points or more. Both offenses provide ample scoring power at the receiver, with question marks beyond the top corner.

However, even without JPP, Bucks will make a stronger attack on the defense at Front 7. Here it is important to put pressure on Matt Stafford. Bucs expects Joe Tryon-Shoyinka to inject sparks into units that have had little success in reaching QB this year.

Tom Brady is the first to play in the “City of Angels” in his career when Bucks heads to Los Angeles. Brady has won all the stadiums in the league, but is a newly built SoFi. He builds on that record this week and aims to extend it in Foxborough next week. In the end, I think Bacchus’ advantage here will result in a slow field goal.

Allen’s Score Prediction: Buccaneers 34, Rams 31
Allen’s season record: 2-0

Paul Atwal: Buccane is not enough to overcome bad schematic matches

Rams defense plans a deep pass. They also have players who do it.I wrote about Improved adaptability of Bruce Arians and Byron LeftwichHowever, this will be the greatest test for their risk-free, biscuit-free philosophy. With Antonio Brown coming out and Rams promising to play Nickel, I think the Buccaneers will work under the center, mostly from a staff of twelve. The question is where do they go from there. Can they make explosive play on the ground? Do they be patient with pass games and take what is available below, or do they force throws on the field?

Rams head coach Sean McVay

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay – Photo courtesy of USA Today

Sean McVay’s attack has an answer to Todd Bowles. In my opinion, Bowles needs to deviate from his single high soft zone coverage in order to slow down collaboration with Matthew Stafford. Play two safetys deeply to get rid of deep throats and take advantage of their support to allow the players below to play tighter. Quarter, cover 6, cover 2 zones, mix with 2 people. Don’t roughly ask Rams to throw the ball, and choose by electric shock. If this game plan sounds familiar, it’s exactly what Buccane did in the Super Bowl 55, but it was a big departure from what they did all year long.

I’m not sure if Arians, Leftwiches, and Bowles would be happy to make this kind of change on Sunday. During the mid-season slump in Bacchus 2020, I was wrong when this coaching staff didn’t want to make the necessary adjustments to compete for the title. I was wrong when I thought the season ended virtually half-time in the 15th week. At that time, Bucks fell from 17-0 to 4-9 Falcons. I was wrong when I thought the defense couldn’t find a way to stop the chief in the Super Bowl 55. When I think Rams will beat the defending champion this Sunday, I hope I’m wrong again.

Atwal Score Prediction: Rams 34, Buccaneers 24
Atwar Season Record: 2-0

Kasey Hudson: Bucs Loaded Offence and Todd Bowls pull through

The Rams have been tough opponents since Sean McVay took over in 2017. Adding quarterback Matthew Stafford to the mix makes the Rams even more dangerous thanks to the top 10 pass attacks. Buccaneers’ defenses need to be solid. Tampa Bay’s defense is struggling to shut down the pass game and is ranked 30th in the allowed yards. Still, Stafford is 0-3 when faced with the Todd Bowles defense. This will be a big game for Tampa Bay’s pass rushers, as Bowles knows when and where to apply pressure to minimize Stafford’s completion rate.

Rams QB Matt Stafford

Rams WR Cooper Cup – Photo: USA Today

Matthew Stafford joined Tom Brady to record multiple 4,000-yard seasons, with both quarterbacks surpassing 5,000 yards in 2011. In addition, Stafford won three of the five regular season meetings with Tampa Bay. Stafford is expected to play a big role with wide receivers Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, as well as tight-end Tyler Higbee. But it still doesn’t match many of Tom Brady’s weapons.

Well, if Antonio Brown hasn’t been cleared for the game, this Sunday may look different, but Scott Miller is ready for action. Needless to say, Tom Brady is known to lean on Tyler Johnson in tough moments. Tampa Bay’s biggest obstacle may be avoiding the second half of the dip. Looking at the situation statistics, Stafford’s games are the strongest in the second and third quarters, and Brady is the best in the first and fourth quarters.

When it comes to Ramsey’s defense, Jalen Ramsey has always been a defensive backfield threat. Ramsey is likely to play Mike Evans again, but who can effectively cover Chris Godwin in slots? As for Aaron Donald, he’s looking for his first big game with the Buccaneers against a better attack line than he faced last year. Tampa Bay is talented enough to beat Rams if Rams plays four-quarters of the best football. It will be a shootout.

Hudson Score Prediction: Buccaneers 37, Rams 35
Hudson Season Record: 2-0

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Pewter Preview and Forecast: Rams Bacchus Pewter Preview and Forecast: Rams Bacchus

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