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Exquisite and lovely Peyton Royce is a recent photo posted on social media via Twitter that looks beautiful with a tanned strap. She emphasized crouching in a tight black swimsuit and long black leather boots. In addition, she posted the following caption to promote this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view and women’s entry into the Royal Rumble Match. Royce writes: AEW star Peyton Royce hot tab photos have also been released

I won’t lose in the first corner. # RoyalRumble # RelentlessRoyce πŸ˜ˆπŸ’š

In other news about Peyton Royce, in a recent interview with Dennis Salsed’s instinctive culture, Royce talked about what it means for her to win a woman’s royal rumble match. She told Salsed:credit 411 Mania For transcription. Peyton Royce says there would be no “comfort blanket” without Billie Kay

“Knowing that victory will take you to a WrestleMania championship match will make your dream come true, I mean it’s on my bucket list. You have to win the Royal Rumble. Hmm. I’m the same. I feel that breakout performance is really necessary to reach the top level I’ve been trying to achieve over the years. I feel that’s my way. What more can you look for in the same year to win the Royal Rumble and play a championship match at WrestleMania? ” Peyton Royce impresses WWE behind the scenes with her attitude

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Peyton Royce squat in hot swimsuit photo Peyton Royce squat in hot swimsuit photo

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