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The Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced in March that PFL will begin hosting pay-per-view (PPV) events from 2023. Further financial details about these PPV events will be revealed and can have a significant impact on top fighters. Founder of PFL Don Davis “Top 2” fighters 50/50 pay-per-view stock split With the company on Instagram posts.

This means that well-known fighters have considerable financial incentives to fight in PFL to generate PPV revenue. These changes are likely to make a big difference in the future, especially in Fighter Pay, which is a very hot topic in MMA sports.

Alex Rodriguez is currently a PFL investor

Alex RodriguezThe MLB icon, is now a board member and investor in PFL. His investment is part of a $ 30 million funding round for MMA organizations to acquire new talent from many different promotions to build a pay-per-view brand.

Acquiring influential athletes through executive committees and capital injections is a huge boost to PFL and MMA as a sport. This could mean more cross-promotion battles with the larger name of PFL and global expansion. A battle that fans mark as a dream match between two PFL Women’s Lightweight Champions Kayla Harrison Former UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion and Current Verator Women’s Featherweight Champion Chris CyborgYou can get closer to reality than ever before.

Break through the status quo

All MMA promotions seek to expand their fan base and generate new revenue streams. Some organizations, such as ONE and Bellator, have held pay-per-view events in the past, but their success is limited. The UFC has regular PPV events, and the number of purchases for these events is strongly correlated with fan excitement for the main event.

For example, UFC’s highest PPV purchases were Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre When Conor McGregor vs Nate diaz Successful for story and fanfare, not for fighter ranking in the corresponding weight class 2. The introduction of the PPV brand for PFL is big news, as sharing revenue with fighters attracts top competition.

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PFL announces fighter PPV revenue. A-Rod Invests PFL announces fighter PPV revenue. A-Rod Invests

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