Phantasy Star Online 2-Episode 6 update released on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

It’s been a year for ARKS Fantasy Star Online 2!!When PSO2 Launched in North America in March, we promised to bring eight years of content into the game at an incredible pace. Despite the many unexpected complications that 2020 has brought, we have kept our promise to our players. Updating this latest (huge!) Content is the next step in the process. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the ARKS who participated this year, and we look forward to your continued support. PSO2 The goodness of 2021. For now, let’s get to know Episode 6!

As of today Fantasy Star Online 2Episode 6 was officially released worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.This is the final chapter of PSO2A spectacular story of crossing the galaxy, an alternative version of Earth, the high fantasy realm of Omega, and finally returning to the Oracle fleet for the final showdown. If ARKS wishes to win, they will need to work with their old and new allies to defeat Shiva and her annihilated fleet.

You can now download the game for free from the Microsoft Store.

Story overview

Alternative Dimension: When you return home after a successful Omega, new enemies will appear. Known as the Goddess of Extinction, the mysterious Shiva declares a full-scale war against ARKS. With a huge fleet of spaceships, empowered monsters, and heavily armored enemies called Luminmech, Shiva’s power in space is undeniable. However, Fleet Oracle heroes have several aces, including AIS Vega, a powerful and easy-to-use mechanical suit that can be toe-matched with Shiva’s army. Who claims victory? It’s up to ARKS to save the day!

Two new classes – Phantom and Etoile

Today, instead of one, two new classes will join the game. With the important new additions in Episode 6, the Phantom and Etoile classes bring a whole new combat style and abilities to the ARKS rank.

Similar to the hero class introduced in Episode 5, Phantom is a master of all forms of combat, including melee, ranged, and magic. However, unlike heroes, phantoms rely on the agility and fluid movement of swords, rifles, and rods. This new class can also do explosive damage when attacking the same enemy multiple times, thanks to the “Phantom Marker” feature.If you enjoyed playing as a hero but wish you had a little more edge (And Scythe!), Phantom is for you!

Fantasy Star Online 2

Etoile is a unique class PSO2The focus is on supporting party members, not on their own offensive or defensive capabilities. With the support skills to recharge HP and PP and the support skills to reduce the cast time of allies, Etoile is a welcome and valuable member of any group. However, Etoile is not without its own martial arts abilities, and uses double sabers, soaring blades, and cane weapon types in a different way than other classes.Etoile is a long-awaited class for many PSO2 Veterans, and we’re happy to finally get it in the hands of our players!

A new Carbide Difficulty has been added

Fantasy Star Online 2

Shiva, along with Armada, brings new and more powerful enemies to the planets of Navelias, Lilipa, Wopal, and Harkotan. These locations offer cycling-based UH (Ultra Hard) missions called “risk exploration”. While these missions are available, classic enemies will appear in the form of “ultra enemies” with new powers and evolutions. Go back to the old place and experience these rethinking battles!

Christmas has come PSO2

Fantasy Star Online 2

As Christmas came, it turned out that Santa’s sleigh was working in space. PSO2!! Players can earn unique Christmas-themed weapon camouflages such as Calibom (a rifle camouflage that looks like a stuffed reindeer) and Snowman Cannon (a launcher camouflage that sounds exactly like that). Needless to say, Santa Rappy Mag Evolution Device! In addition, the “Merry Christmas on Ice” emergency quest provides players with powerful weapon rewards to complete holiday-themed missions. And what kind of hoho holiday celebration would be complete without ARKS’favorite diva? Quna will return to the Fleet Oracle stage for the “Eternal Encore (ChristmasVersion)” show.

For more information on Episode 6, please visit can follow for additional up-to-date details and updates @ play_PSO2 @ PSO2Official on Twitter, @ play_pso2 on Facebook, @ play_pso2 on Instagram. Please ensure your safety. See you in the game!

Fantasy Star Online 2

Fantasy Star Online 2

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!! Windows 10 Ver. If you have any problems with the installation, please check the information on the official website from Publisher Info at the bottom of the page !! * If you are asked about running the game as an administrator when the game starts, select “Yes” please. * After installation from the store, a hard disk capacity of 80GB or more is required to install the game data. Introducing Phantasy Star Online 2, an online RPG that you can play for free! As a player, join Oracle’s ARKS Task Force, an interplanetary fleet of four different races, on an adventure to explore the unknown. Phantasy Star Online 2 features a procedurally generated environment, unexpected events, and raid quests that can be performed by up to 12 players at once, providing an endless adventure full of fresh surprises. I am aiming for that. The actions in this game are highly customizable, with jumps added to the classic simple controls of the series. Use one of the most powerful character creators in the game to design and customize your own character, sign up as ARKS Operative and start your PSO2 adventure! · An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to play Phantasy Star Online 2 online.・ Core games are free to play, but some paid content can be purchased. -Phantasy Star Online 2 that can be downloaded with this content is the same as other editions. If it is already installed, no re-download will occur.

Phantasy Star Online 2 – Episode 6 Update is Now Live on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

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