Phantom Brigade, new turn-based tactical game, rules

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Hello.Do you like it XCOM??Do you like the best things these days MechWarrior Tactical game?And most importantly, are you totally interested Elapsed time?? If so, I have someone I want to see you.

this is Phantom BrigadeA turn-based tactical game currently in Early Access at the Epic Games Store. This is two halves of the game, one commanding a squad of mechas on the battlefield, the other conquering enemy areas, managing pilots, upgrading / repairing mechas, and other strategic tasks. I will be in charge.

These are all my favorites and I will test them in the most basic attempts of turn-based games, Phantom Brigade It really stands out in some important ways.

First of all, that’s amazing.It has very Virtual on I love how smooth and cool the whole thing looks, like what’s happening in mecha design (and animation).Even the interface is great, take clues from games like Endless Legend, And just because the game is about strategy doesn’t mean it looks bad.

Second, this is not strictly a turn-based tactical game. favorite Dashed lineI like it and wrote it earlier this year, Phantom Brigade is A little Turn-based arguably keeps you in line around the world, but instead of taking a single move or a set number of actions, it brings a few seconds of real-time combat to life. ..

The basis of the story is that you and your mecha pilot crew have a secret prototype weapon that gives you an easy view of the future. It’s long enough to see how much the enemy unit moves in about 5 seconds, and what the enemy unit does while reaching it. Convenient!

It … works like a video editor. Really. See the gif below. Do you see the bar at the bottom of the screen? Issue the command here and assign it at run time. When you move your mouse in the game world, you’ll see that, like a video editor, these movements play with ghostly future predictions and always scrub back and forth. When you’re happy with everything, press Run to do everything.

It may sound easy. If you can see the future, you can see what your opponent is doing and react easily accordingly.But since every time, this has challenges and is unpredictably unique. You are Shooting, moving, physically touching, or deploying shields, these actions are timed and played during the animation sequence.

Fighting game fans may know where this is heading. It’s okay to see what your opponent is doing and set something to defeat or counteract it, but if you get the timing wrong, it’s messed up.

You may also have noticed from that video and gif Phantom Brigade As a result of emphasizing timing Always move.. The cover is rarely used here for long periods of time. The game wants this to be a dance rather than a shootout. Shootouts are very interesting at the click-by-click level. DoEven on turns that don’t seem to happen much.

I really liked my time Phantom Brigade So far, if this is all well organized in Early Access, I’m looking forward to seeing what this giant mechanical ballet will look like in the next few months.

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