Phasmophobia is actually adding two new types of ghosts

Would you please take a look at it, and it’s Fasmo Friday again. Yes, it’s the pre-weekend time that I’m trying to determine if I need to pack ghost gear for a little ghost shimming before Monday. The signs indicate that: Probably. Phasmophobia is making fun of trying to get two new types of ghosts in the beta branch of the game. Phasmo made many changes during Early Access, but this is the first time a new ghost has been introduced. Both youkai and hunts in the future will be difficult to wash away without being killed. it is perfect.

Phasmo’s development Trello board reveals what you can expect from both ghosts, including special abilities. Youkai get angry when they talk nearby and are more likely to attack.That’s fine, but it’s one of the proofs you need I know The youkai are talking through the spirit box. Here is the recipe for the disaster.

As part of that, Huntu can move faster in cold regions. It will make all the rooms on the map especially dangerous during a cold professional level contract when you arrive. Also, there is no safe setup time due to hunting during a contract with an expert. Another dangerous ghost disaster.

Also marked as coming in the next beta update are two new daily goals that will be completed with additional cash. Taking a 3 star ghost photo seems like a great goal. The second is to take pictures of dirty water, which was once the worst purpose of Fasmo. At least this time, we’ll be back as a daily goal, not an in-mission goal.

In the long-term development column, Phasmo developers still seem to have plans to develop some big new maps at some point. The condominium-apartment complex could be both, along with an additional small house map.

These two new spies haven’t arrived yet, but the Phasmo developers Small teaser Indicates that it will be available in the next update of the beta branch. Ghost hunting sims are updated fairly regularly for the main Early Access version, but beta branches make incremental changes more often. In my opinion, it keeps things interesting, so it’s the best way to play.

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