Phasmophobia prison level is not in beta

Phasmophobia players are now able to accept new mid-level prison contracts. The new level was released in beta at the end of November, but is now available to all players in live builds of the game.

Since the prison is new, it will always be available with the next few update contract selections, giving players more opportunities to become familiar with the 2nd level map. The prison joins a series of maps, including the game’s largest map, including some homes, farmhouses, schools, and asylum.

Phasmophobia is the first game by UK Studio Kinetic Games released in Early Access in September this year. In this game, players team up with up to three players to investigate ghosts and try to determine what kind of ghost is causing it. Phasmophobia became a surprising hit after being featured by numerous Twitch streamers and won the Best Debut Game award at The Game Awards this month.

Phasmophobia was initially aimed at spending only a short time on early access, but due to the high level of interest in the game, that period has been extended. The game has a public Trello board that indicates that future updates are planned or currently underway. This shows that the next level Kinetic plans to add will be apartment buildings and mansions.

再生中: Phasmophobia-究極の初心者向けガイド


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