Phil Davis is excited to have a show with Yoel Romero: “It’s a bucketlist fight for me.” – MMA Sports

Phil Davis will be the man who will be welcoming former UFC middleweight candidate Yoel Romero to the Bellator MMA cage late tonight (Saturday, September 18, 2021) at the Bellator 266 live at Showtime from within the SAP Center in San Jose, California. The two fighters will be squared in a light heavyweight main event.

Romero was expected to make Verator’s debut against Anthony Johnson earlier this year, but the “Soldier of God” could not walk to the cage due to an eye injury. Instead, it’s Davis who will play Romero and provide rigorous testing for his debut. “Mr. Wonderful” is excited to be the man, but the fight with Romero hasn’t seen him come.

“That’s just half the story. We need to explain to me what COVID and coronavirus are,” Davis said. MMA fighter.. “Life takes you in the wrong direction, right?

“I’m excited. He’s definitely a fan favorite and the guy I like to watch fights. He’s a fighter as usual,” This is the way I get closer to it, this Is the angle at which I come. ” So it’s great to have that opportunity. “

“This is the fight I was looking forward to in the tournament and somehow I was looking forward to matching it with this other fight. [is a great consolation prize]”Davis explained later. “I’m grateful for all the fights because it’s an opportunity to go out and show off my athleticism, but this is a special fight. It’s a bucketlist fight for me.

Since arriving in 2015, Davis, one of Berator’s best fighters, has unanimously defeated Berator’s light heavyweight champion Vadim Nemkov in April this year. This is the second time. “Great” was defeated by Nemkov in Berator’s cage, but this recent fight has shown that Davis offers more than just a high level of fighting. Don’t expect Davis to come out of his shell with every fight.

“Often people can jump from one ship to another because they want you to fight in a particular way,” Davis said. “They say,’He’s physically built. I’m hoping to fight like Yoel Romero,’ but that’s not my style. It’s not my style, it’s Yoel’s style. I’m very explosive and it seems that I need to knock out a person as soon as I touch it. My style is much more computational, pulled out, wrestling and wearing people, choking Let them suffocate or break their limbs.

“It’s about a kind of expectation. Life is about expectation. When you expect something and it doesn’t happen, it’s like” I don’t like it. ” In many respects, people expect to work only when you are Brazilian. And why can’t I be that guy? Neiman Gracie spends a round on his back to set the triangle, and Kimura’s disease, and the people are always cheering for it. Don’t get me wrong, he’s dope. He is dope. He is amazing. But, as I said before, it’s about expectations. “

When it comes to playing Romero, Davis is in a great position to win. Romero is a seasoned wrestler with solid takedown defense and explosive stand-up games, but hasn’t been competing since March 2020. It’s a long break for any fighter, not to mention a 44-year-old veteran. It’s up to Davis to take advantage of that Saturday night to defeat San Jose’s house.

“I just make fireworks,” Davis said when asked about the predictions of the fight. “He is an explosive man, and when you have that style, you live with a sword or die with a sword.” will be broadcasting Bellator 266 coverage on Showtime later tonight. Check out our comprehensive news archive for the latest news and notes related to Bellator MMA. here..

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Phil Davis is excited to have a show with Yoel Romero: “It’s a bucketlist fight for me.” Phil Davis is excited to have a show with Yoel Romero: “It’s a bucketlist fight for me.”

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