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Phil Mickelson, who earned $ 95 million in his career at the age of 50 (especially), is beating cash on the PGA Tour. Lefty asks the most important world golf circuits to get the most out of his Youtube channels and social pages.

And above all, share your income with your players.

Phil Mickelson, statement

Again against the flow (Mickelson is one of the eligible faces of the new golf league made in Saudi Arabia), Lefty says his social way.

Phil intervenes in a tweet from Peter Kostis, a former coach of Paul Casey and Bernhard Langer’s caliber players. Kostis targets a PGA Tour project called PIP and is designed to build loyalty, but above all, it rewards players with high social support.

“The project is a joke, but no one who developed it really lives,” the coach tweeted. “If the PGA Tour really had $ 50 million-he continues-it would have to invest it. He’s on the prize pool and Korn Ferry Tour (one of the PGA satellite circuits, ed.) You need to do that in the field.

In this way, he will grow future champions and make them make a living from golf. The close social circle Mickelson has put a load on the coach’s words from 11. “If I could afford-he tweeted-if the tour used his YouTube channel and social media top player image rights, he would collect over 50 million of them.

Tours must be charged based on the number of views of individual videos. We players are not allowed to use them. They have $ 10 billion or $ 20 billion of archive material “Phil Mickelson and those two top 20 videos Nothing happens by chance, and even less (almost) accidentally whispered.

Of the top 20 most watched videos on the PGA Tour’s YouTube channel, two are from Lefty. Phil Mickelson’s new caddy #shorts recorded 5.2 million views in 6 months, and Phil Mickelson’s top 10 major escapes on the PGA Tour exceeded 5 million in 5 years.

According to various market estimates, each view of video on the world’s most famous platforms today is worth 10-30 cents. The traffic generated by the PGA channel (825 million videos watched since its creation in August 2006) ends up in the tour speakers. To date, the channel boasts 800,000 subscribers, but to tell the truth, not so many.

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Phil Mickelson fights new battle with PGA Tour Phil Mickelson fights new battle with PGA Tour

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