Phil Spencer allows you to play Xbox Series S during work meetings

The Xbox Series X / S has been a significant part of its commercial success since its first launch in November this year. The Xbox Series X / S launch has been successful due to fluctuating console inventories as retailers struggle to keep up with console demand. In fact, the Xbox head doesn’t seem to be able to stop playing on the console while at work.

Phil Spencer has played an integral role in the development, manufacturing, and advertising of the Xbox Series X / S. Spencer has been an employee of Microsoft since 1988 and has been in the gaming division for over a decade. However, he seems to enjoy using the console as much as he develops it.

In the latest episode of Major Nelson’s podcast, Spencer said he was actually using the Xbox Series S during a work meeting. He talks about how to connect the console to a second HDMI port and constantly swaps. His play session on Microsoft Teams phone and Series S. He didn’t mention which games to play during these working meetings, but it’s still fascinating to hear.

Spencer told the interviewer not to tell Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that he was doing this, but given that both are likely to be working from home, there is no way to really prove it. Absent. However, it may be easier for Spencer to have a second monitor to connect the Series S. That way, you can play and work at the same time without having to replace the HDMI.

The release of the Xbox Series X / S was an important milestone, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Given the current state of the world, the demand for next-generation gaming technology is higher than ever. In the same podcast, Phil Spencer also said that new consoles are constantly being built to meet the high demands of consumers.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what the future of the console will be. The Xbox Series X / S has set sales records in the UK and other countries, and these consoles have already been quite successful. Not to mention future exclusive releases like The Medium and Halo Infinite. One thing has been revealed since the launch of the console. This is just the beginning.

Xbox Series X / S is now available.

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