Phil Spencer laments the issue of pre-ordering the Xbox Series X / S

Many gamers are frustrated with how difficult it is to buy an Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5 right now, and Phil Spencer is aware of that frustration. According to an interview with The Verge’s Decoder podcast, he just doesn’t know what the correct solution is.

With many of the customer issues caused by the pre-ordering process carried out by third-party retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, Spencer was asked if Microsoft considered selling more consoles directly to the public. ..

“I think our retail relationship is important,” he said, and then continued to discuss how pre-orders would work in the future. “I actually talked in-house, can I reserve a slot? I’ll drop some money, I know my machine will be built on January 20th, and I Get it on February 1st. There are customers who do it today. “

Spencer also acknowledged that Microsoft could make this method obsolete in 2020, but it can sell with the amount of stock retailers and pre-orders needed for the physical launch on day one. He said he could determine the amount. 10 days will go [to stand in] “Line,” he explained. “We want people to feel like they have some consoles to buy. It’s not just the day everyone goes to pick up a console. That’s the right decision in today’s world. I don’t know if it’s a very old world way of thinking. People will line up outside the store. This is the way of thinking for the last decade. I think we should challenge it. “

For now, this story is just a story, but it’s unlikely that the changes will be implemented in time to make a meaningful difference to customers trying to buy the Xbox Series X or S. “I think this business is both going on. For us and Sony, we are with us because of how these pre-orders went and because we couldn’t get our products. I’m lamenting the problem we’re really solving when it looks like there are still as many upset customers. “” I think it will drive us to think about new models. That’s what we’re working on. Is to be. “

Regarding the launch of this generation of consoles, many gamers believe that if they want to land the Xbox Series X / S or PS5 by Christmas, they will have to spend a small amount of money to buy a console from Scalper. .. However, if you’re lucky, you can try getting a console with this week’s Black Friday replenishment.

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