Phil Spencer says he doesn’t understand the N64 controller yet

As part of the new documentary series Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story, recently released on Crackle, the show digs deeper into Nintendo’s history, as expected. Many people have been interviewed in the documentary series, but the most interesting is Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox. At some point in the series, Spencer talks about the Nintendo 64 controller. For example, there are a lot of good things about the Nintendo Wii, but it seems that you still don’t know what was happening at Nintendo. They designed the controller.

“I don’t understand yet [Nintendo 64] Controller, to be honest, Spencer said at some point in “Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story.” “I think there are multiple controllers in one, but it took three hands to play it!”

And to be fair, Spencer hasn’t expressed a terribly unpopular opinion. The Nintendo 64 controller has a slightly bizarre curved arrow design with three different grips, one in the middle and a joystick in the middle. On the surface, you can only have two in a particular video game, but with the buttons everywhere, it’s a hassle to use all the buttons, to say the least.

Playing With Power: Five episodes of Nintendo Story are currently being streamed on Crackle.

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