Philadelphia 76ers are making progress in negotiations with Ben Simmons on their return, sources say. – NBA Sports

All-star debate is gaining momentum Ben Simmons Back to Philadelphia 76ersPerhaps earlier this week, sources told ESPN on Monday.

Philadelphia management and coach Dock Rivers had a weekend discussion with Simmons agent Clutch Sports CEO Rich Paul about a resolution Simmons would report to the team, sources said.

Simmons was immediately able to talk to team officials, but sources told ESPN that this hadn’t been done directly since he repeated his desire to trade at a meeting in late August in Los Angeles. rice field.

According to sources, he is more open to the possibility of ending the time to leave the team and report to Philadelphia.

The Sixers visited the league for trades throughout the off-season, but couldn’t find a deal to regain an equivalent star who wanted to continue making championship candidates around the All-NBA Center. Joel Embiid, According to sources.

These trade negotiations are likely to continue with Simmons’ return, but Sixers’Daryl Morey and Rivers presidents said Persuade Simmons for the long-term rest In the franchise, sources said.

Simmons will lose $ 1 million in salary if he fails to play on Monday. Brooklyn Nets..

His maximum contract term is four years, with a remaining $ 147 million, including $ 33 million from 2021 to 22.

Simmons demanded a trade shortly after Philadelphia lost to the Atlanta Hawks at home. Simmons scored a notorious pass from a wide open dunk in less than four minutes. The Sixers never scored again.

After that match, both Rivers and Embiid gave a hot answer in the media-when asked if Simmons could be a championship point guard, Rivers said “I don’t know”, and Embiid is the point of the game that the bubbling dunk turned around.

Rivers said his post-match comments were out of context, but Embiid said he had no regrets about what he said as he simply laid out what had happened in his mind. However, Embiid said he regrets that the situation between Simmons and the team has deteriorated so far.

Molly said the Sixers weren’t interested in trading shortly after the season, and the only move the team would make, including the possibility of Simmons trading, would be to help pursue the Philadelphia 76er championship. Repeated what was done.

“I don’t know what the decision will be or what the organization will make, but I’d love to play with him again,” said 76ers Guard. Furkan Korkmaz Nets again after a shootaround on Monday prior to the match against Nets Kyrie Irving.. “You want to see him back here. I want to see him back here. In and out of court, I know who he is and how kind he is. … I want to bring him back. “”

Sixers visit Detroit Pistons For their last preseason game on Friday.Then they travel to face New Orleans Pelican On October 20th at the regular season opener, before the home slate started against the net on October 22nd.

Tyrese Maxey Instead of Simmons in the pre-season opening round Toronto Raptors.. Shake Milton It also started with a second game with Toronto.

“We’re not always talking about this,” Korkmaz said when asked if he and his teammates could prevent Simmons’ absence from being distracted. “At the beginning of the season, like everyone else, we were thinking about this, but now we need to focus on the game.

“It doesn’t matter who is in court or who isn’t. We have to be ourselves.”

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps contributed to this report.

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Philadelphia 76ers are making progress in negotiations with Ben Simmons on their return, sources say. Philadelphia 76ers are making progress in negotiations with Ben Simmons on their return, sources say.

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