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Betting The Bucs is a weekly segment focused on the gambling line of each Tampa Bay game during the season. It will help you explore different aspects of the game and decide whether to bet or oppose Buccane. We will also analyze various prop bets before watching on Sunday.

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Line: Buccs -7, above / below 52.5

It’s fun for fans to see the team play at the beginning of the week, but it’s hard to ask players who have little time to recover. It gets even harder on the go, and even if one team is far superior to the other, things can be leveled between both opponents in just three days of preparation. That’s not what Buccane fans want to hear, but it’s the nature of Thursday’s night games. Many strange things happen, not to mention being in the middle of the Halloween season. Look at Bacchus’ defeat to Bears last year.

Indeed, Buccane’s attacks can be an exception to all of these. If they connect like Sunday, I’m very skeptical if the Eagles can rival that production. Philadelphia’s defense presents greater challenges, especially with internal pass rushes. You can’t delay Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and your friends for a long time, but if the Eagles can get home with four pass rushers, things won’t happen that easily.

Road trips weren’t very kind to Buccane, averaging 21.5 points one-on-one in two games. This is far from the overall average of 33.4. They have strengthened defensively in the last two weeks and scored 17 points. They face a mobile quarterback at Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts looks for big play in the downfield. He also has two excellent running backs at his disposal. Getting Labonte David out would hurt because Bucks had already struggled to defend his back in the pass game.

Bucc cannot cover the spread on the road and is 2-3 ATS in the season. The biggest statistic I see overall is the amazing, somewhat horrifying statistic about Brady. In his last 10 regular season games of prime time, Brady is 0-10 against the spread. It’s a pretty shocking revelation.I think it’s Buccs Win On the road, I’m not against such streaks.

Pick: Eagles +7

Proposition bet:

Bucs 1H -4 (-110)

You might have chosen Eagles to cover the entire game, but that doesn’t mean that Bucks is half and not ahead. I chose to cover it twice in the first half of this season, but so far both have been hits. Like Brady’s crazy stats, I’ll keep riding this until it proves otherwise.

Chris Godwin’s Touchdown (+120)

Last week Antonio Brown and Mike Evans each made two touchdowns. Godwin was still playing a pretty good game with seven catches at 70 yards, but now it’s his turn to reach the end zone. Bucks uses him in different ways, and Godwin can win the middle if the Eagles play many zone defenses.

Tom Brady, 2.5 touchdown (+100)

No other quarterback is better at home than Brady, who made 14 touchdowns in Tampa. This is another story, as he has only one touchdown pass in two games. Given Buccane’s aggressive tendency on the street, it’s a pretty good value of +100. When they reach the red zone, they want them to keep doing it.

Yard (+133) hurrying than Ronald Jones Miles Sanders

Tampa Bay’s Rand Defense was the best in the league for three years. Opposing the start of running backs in the last two weeks, Bucks held Damien Harris to -2 rushyards and Myles Gaskin to 25. The Eagles chose to throw the ball in all games because the team refused to run the ball against Bucks. Bacchus will have a good shot to bottle the Sanders in a few attempts.

Jones was a backup for Bucks, but recently picked it up and rushed over 4 yards per carry. He may only get 25 yards, but that may be enough to defend Buccane. This is a low-risk, high-paying bet and well worth the opportunity, as Jones will also be a big hit.

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Philadelphia is not sunny Philadelphia is not sunny

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