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Philip Lindsay

26 years old Run backRB

Denver Broncos

$In April 2018, we signed a three-year $ 1.73 million contract with Broncos.

December 24, 2020

Coach Big Fangio said that when the team is off for Christmas, “maybe” Lindsay will be able to practice on Saturday before the team heads to Los Angeles. With that in mind, Legwold suggests that Lindsay “needs a significant improvement over the next two days” to face the Chargers on Sunday. If Lindsay can’t wear a suit this weekend, additional carry will be available Melvin Gordon, In addition to Lois Freeman (Hip), suppose he is active.

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See the red zone opportunities within the 20, 10, and 5 yard lines and the percentage of time that converted the opportunities into touchdowns.

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How does Philip Lindsay’s 2020 advanced stats compare to other running backs?

This section compares his advanced stats with players in the same position. The bar represents the player’s percentile rank. For example, if the bar is in the middle, the player falls into the 50th percentile of that metric and is considered average. The longer the bar, the better for the player.

  • Broken tackle%

    The number of broken tackles divided by the rush attempt.

  • Positive run%

    The percentage of Lampley he was able to win a positive yard.

  • % Yds after contact

    Percentage of his rushing yards that came after the contact.

  • Average yard after contact

    The average rush yard he gets after contact.

  • Hurry up TD%

    A rush touchdown divided by a hurry attempt. In other words, how often does he score when running the ball?

  • Touch for each game

    The number of touches he averages per game (rush attempt + reception)

  • Snap% with touch

    The number of touches (rush attempt + reception) divided by an aggressive snap.

  • Air yard per game

    The number of air yards he averages per game. The airyard measures the distance the ball is thrown downfield, both at the completion and incompleteness of the pass. If the path targets behind the line of scrimmage, the airyard will be recorded as a negative value. All airyard data is from Sports Info Solutions and does not include disposables as a target path.

  • Air yard per snap

    The number of airyards he averages per attack snap.

  • % Team Air Yard

    Percentage of the team’s total airyards he occupies.

  • % Team target

    The percentage of the team’s total target he describes.

  • Average depth of target

    This statistic, also known as aDOT, measures the average down distance of the field he is targeting.

  • Catch rate

    The number of catches taken divided by the number of quarterback targets.

  • Drop rate

    The number of passes he dropped divided by the number of quarterback targets.

  • Average yard after catch

    The number of yards earned after catching at the reception.

Average depth of target

-0.6 yards

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Snap distribution / depth chart

See where Philip Lindsay is lined up on the field and how he played at each spot.

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This week’s opposition pass defense

How does the Chargers pass the defense compared to other NFL teams this season?

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Past fantasy outlook

Despite a productive college career in Colorado and a sub 4.440 on Pro Day, Lindsay wasn’t drafted last year thanks to a 5-8, 190-pound frame. After he stayed close to his house at the offer of Broncos and thoroughly surpassed Royce Freeman and Devonte Booker before the season, Lindsay grabbed the lead and returned to Denver since Clinton Portis in 2002. We have summarized the best campaigns by. Lindsay’s speed, burst, toughness, and receive skills make him a strong fit for any NFL attack. The elusive top shelf is a bit appealing to touch, but his compact frame has caused the defender to do the worst until he broke. Wrist 16th week. The fact that he was productive behind the injured line of attack if the unit stays healthy is a good sign of 2019, but the biggest reason Lindsey thinks he can improve in the second season is , The addition of the attack coordinator Rich Scan Galero. Kyle Shanahan’s coaching tree products. Shanahan’s system is customized for versatile RBs, allowing Lindsey’s pass games to spell more snaps without touching the ground.

Lindsay collected a total of 4,859 yards and 39 touchdowns in Colorado and performed a 4.3940 yard dash on a professional day. He hadn’t received an invitation to combine yet and hadn’t heard his name called in the weekend draft. Early on, he seems like a good bet to add to Denver’s undrafted free agent heritage. He should taste the first action as a kick-returner, but his speed and receiving ability add a unique element to Denver’s backfield.

Other fantasy news

Lack of practice on Wednesday

Withstands inefficient week 15 display

December 19, 2020

Lindsay collected 38 yards with 11 carries and added three receptions at 7 yards during Saturday’s 48-19 Bills defeat.

December 19, 2020

Lindsay (hip) Listed as active Saturday afternoon against Bills.

Listed as suspicious

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