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Philip deflies Closing the 2020 schedule for Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, Mihau Kita..

De Fries (19-6) maintained the heavyweight crown and defeated North (20-12-1) in a technical knockout. KSW 57 Headliner for Wytwornia Club in Lodz, Poland on Saturday. Following an early sequence of seeing “Masakura” catching De Vrij in some heavy combinations, the “F-11” shifted gear and defeated his opponent. De Fries punished Polish fighters with shots on the ground and pounds, and it didn’t take long before the North Face began marking De Fries’ attacks. At the end of the first stanza, referees and doctors checked the state of the north very carefully, but Polish fighters insisted on continuing.

In the second stanza, the “F-11” immediately took the opponent back to the canvas and hit him like in the previous round. After many unanswered shots, the referee intervened to stop the action 50 seconds after the second round. In addition to his heavyweight belt, De Fries brought back his seventh straight victory.

At the joint main event, KSW won the new lightweight champion
Marian Jorkovsky (22-8-1) Crush Roman Simanski (13-6) And I won a vacant title. Minutes after both candidates tested each other’s reactions, it became quite clear that Ziolkowski’s reach advance was the determinant of the collision. The “Golden Boy” danced around Simansky most of the time, teasing him with a surgical jab and blocking his opponent’s attacks in every way. Ziolkowski was undoubtedly ahead of his opponent when the clash entered the championship round. Sensing urgency, Szymanski put pressure on Ziolkowski early in the fourth stanza. Immediately after landing a reluctant groin attack, Ziolkowski caught his opponent with a liver kick and immediately dropped Szymanski on the canvas. “Golden Boy” ended him with a few follow-up punches. The official time was 4:01 in Round 4.

Early that night Antun Rasic
(25-8-1) Notch the first defense of his bantamweight title after overcoming Bruno August Dos Santos (9-2). The first round was fiercely competitive and could go in either direction, and LACHIC seemed to drop the second frame to the challenger, but from there the “killer” picked up the pace and from the third round. I started to control “Gafanhot”. Racic’s famous aerobic exercise made a difference in the championship round as the “killer” cut off enemies in many combinations and kept them on the canvas. At the end of the contest, all three judges recorded 48-47 battles in favor of the defending champions.

Elsewhere Boris Mankowski (21-8-1) Dominance Artur Sowinski (21-12) On a lightweight slope that saw the “Tasmanian devil” bring home the victory of a natural unanimous decision.Profighters League Veterinarian Abspyan Magomedov (24-4-1) Successful KSW debut by rendering
Cesarikesik (12-1) I lost consciousness thanks to the smooth guillotine choke that ended the contest at the 1:53 mark in the second round. In middleweight cases Patrick Kinkle (23-9) Crush UFC Alum Tomasz Drvar (22-6-1) A one-to-two combination that caused the referee to stop the action on the opening stanza at 4:23. Marushin Krakowiack (10-3) Submission Kacper Koziorzebski (7-3) Thanks to the guillotine choke at the 4:07 mark in the third round of the welterweight case. KSW rookie in a £ 170 clash Christian Eckerlin (13-5) Edge Albert Ojimkowski (11-5) Through the split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29).

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Philippe de Fries Morse Mihau Kita and Marian Jorkovsky fold Roman Simanski at KSW57 Philippe de Fries Morse Mihau Kita and Marian Jorkovsky fold Roman Simanski at KSW57

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