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2:34 PM: Phillies has announced the promotion of Furudo. Jorge Verandia has also been promoted from Special Assistant to GM’s Assistant General Manager (today). Jim Salisbury) And former Twins GM Terry Ryan will move from their previous position as Phillies’ Special Mission Scout to the role of Special Assistant.

12:59 PM: Phillies is set to advertise Sam fuld According to Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia, in the role of general managerTwitter link). Furudo has worked on the team for the past three seasons as director of integrated baseball performance.

The news was astonishing as there were no signs that Frud was considering the role of GM, much like Philadelphia recently hired Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations. However, after months of uncertainty about the front office after the relocation of former GM Matt Crentac, the Phillies baseball Ops Pyramid is now the first young general of Dombrowski’s veteran executives and Frud. Guided by the manager’s one-two punch.

Frud played in 598 Major League Baseball games in 2007-15 against the Cubs, Rays, Athletics and Twins when he retired in 2017.Frud moved from Diamond to the Phillies front office and operated it (as he explained). Philadelphia Inquirer Matt Breen 2018) In the role of enabling the analysis data provided by the front office to be sent to Phillies players for teaching. “”You can understand what it’s like to step into a box and understand that some of the things we might be asking them to do are really, really difficult.“Frud told Breen. “”I think it was a past problem I saw. Players are told to do something by someone who has little experience playing at a high level. It can be frustrating when you are told to do something really, really difficult. Sometimes it’s natural.Hopefully i can associate.. “

Fuld has become a popular candidate for management in recent years due to his skill set that combines recent playing experience with new era analytical data. refused Most interviews request their managerial vacancies this fall before they finally sit down with the Red Sox.Frud was known as the finalist in the position where Socks rehired a former skipper. Alex cora..

Fuld, 39, will take a new path as a GM instead of relying on management. He joined Rangers’ Chris Young and Mariners’ Jerry Dipoto as current general managers who also played in Major League Baseball (Auckland’s Vice President of Baseball Operations Billy Beane also has MLB experience). Recent recruitment It may be the most obvious comp in Texas, as both Frud and Young work under the recently retired veteran baseball presidents (Dombrowski of Philadelfa and John Daniels of Texas). They have the final say on personnel changes.

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Phillies Appoints Sam Fuld as General Manager Phillies Appoints Sam Fuld as General Manager

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