Phoenix Light: Ace Attorney Trilogy May Appear in Game Pass

Objection!And now it that is Out of the way, Capcom and Microsoft seem to be teasing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy is coming to the game pass. Twitter exchanges between official accounts suggest an imminent announcement.

Exchange is Official account of Dragon Quest Dragon Quest 11 Announced that Echoes at the time of passing has appeared in the game pass on PC and Xbox.The· The official account of Ace Attorney replied With thought emoji, and Xbox Game Pass account He pointed his fingers at both and asked, “What’s wrong?”

In Twitter’s hellish situation, corporate accounts tend to make such off-hand exchanges, but the companies involved make this seem like a clear hint. Ace Attorney accounts do not tweet other than advertise. This is the second post since July, and GamePass accounts tend to be a bit silly hint. For Rainbow Six Siege, I got a picture of six rainbows above the castle being attacked just before the multiplayer game dropped onto the Xbox part of the service. These detective games are very easy to follow.

Phoenix Light: The Ace Attorney trilogy was first released on PC last April, and it’s a great time to push the game pass. The collection includes the first three games in the series: Ace Attorney: Ace Attorney-Ace Attorney-Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney-Ace Attorney.

This is not part of the December game announced on the Game Pass. The Game Awards are approaching and many news and updates are promised.

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