Phoenix Lite: Ace Attorney Trilogy May Appear on Xbox Game Pass

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, December 7, 2020 15:57 GMT

The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account seems to be teasing the game again, but this time fans of Ace Attorney are paying attention.

Teasing reveals things like Rainbow Six Siege and Control through mysterious tweets. It seems that the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is reappearing, but this time it suggests it Phoenix Light: Ace Attorney Trilogy You may be on your way to Microsoft subscription services.

Reply to Tweet You can get it from the Xbox Game Pass from the official Dragon Quest account that announced the time of passing Dragon Quest XI. The official (usually inactive) account of Ace Attorney replied with a thought face emoji … The Dragon Quest account replied with a kiss emoji.

It looks pretty sparse, but there’s more suspicious teasing about the games that appeared on the Xbox Game Pass in the past. Given that the fun Xbox Game Pass account replied with its own account message (Seconds … what’s happening ?!)) Candid detective fans are touted for the imminent exposure of Phoenix Lights on the Microsoft platform.

As for the Xbox Game Pass, we usually don’t wait that long between bullying and publishing the game, so we hope it doesn’t take long to wait until we know more (Rainbox Six Siege says the day after the bullying It was announced.).

If you’ve actually seen your game arrive at the Xbox Game Pass, it’s a good idea to read the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy review to get an idea of ​​what you’re crazy about.

Recently, it was revealed that the Xbox Game Pass is attracting 15 million subscribers, from November 10th, after persuading them to join EA, to adding cloud streaming at no additional charge. That number is expected to increase again. Even better, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the Xbox Game Pass subscription service is “fully sustainable” at its current price.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy may be coming to Xbox Game Pass

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