Phoenix Points hit Steam and GOG today

Do you want to kill some big ugly mutant crabs? Of course it is! It’s the Christmas tradition that I can’t ask me because I don’t know my life. Considering how long it’s been since Phoenix Point went on sale, that’s at least a year. Apocalyptic crab shooting games like XCOM today relinquish their exclusivity on the Epic and Xbox Game Pass, arrive on Steam and GOG, and launch some new expansion packs.

Phoenix Point was one of the first games to be announced exclusively at the Epic Games Store, and caused a lot of frustration from those who promised a Steam release and supported the game on Kickstarter. At the time, creative director (and former X-COM creator) Julian Gorop apologized to his backers. “I’m really sorry for the supporters who are angry about switching delivery platforms,” ​​he said in a statement to .

“It wasn’t our intention to scam someone. The best we can do is to reward you in the form of free additional content. This will be offered throughout the year of launch. Includes at least three major DLC packs. At the end of the monopoly period, you will also receive a Steam or GOG key in addition to your Epic key. If they are not happy with this, we will give you a full refund. To do.”

The game is a hit on Steam and GOG today as Phoenix Point: Year One Edition, which bundles three DLCs into the base game. They are story extensions, Legacy Of The Ancients and Blood And Titanium, and the Living Weapons pack (which adds a ton of weapons, obv).

Phoenix Point is not only a turn-based strategy game led by the co-creator of X-COM, but also has a mysterious similarity to XCOM, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

“Phoenix Point has the wonder of slow burn,” Jeremy Peel said in a review of Phoenix Point. “It’s a warmer and stranger than the genre. But it’s a difficult task to enjoy. Like the most quirky guns and powerful armor, it takes hours of research to get there.”

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition, available today around 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time (9 am Greenwich Mean Time), is available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

If you get the game today and need a little help, check out the Phoenix Point Guide.

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Phoenix Point hits Steam and GOG today after contentious Epic exclusivity

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