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If we need to remember that purity exists, all we have to do is look at the closest dog. These animals are so good that you can make the best people look like monsters. Therefore, it makes sense for dogs to make great heroes. BitLoom Games seems to think in the same way.Games to be released soon PHOGS Is a 3D puzzle adventure following an elastic sausage dog with heads on both ends.The· PHOGS In the demo, this is immediately highlighted as both a cooperative game and a single cooperative game. This may sound strange, but what you play makes things pretty clear …

PHOGS First impression of the demo

Dog story

From what was presented, it was PHOGS The demo story has a kind of pick-up and go feel. You are a two-headed sausage dog who wakes up one day and decides to go on an adventure. The goal is to move from one world to the next by overcoming obstacles and helping friendly characters along the way. There seems to be no conflict other than “there is a wall that gets in my way”, which is perfectly fine. Playing with the adorable dog duo is all the motivation you need to move you forward.

Such a good dog!

Starting with gameplay, it reminds me most Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons..Main gimmicks The story of two sons It’s a cooperative game that you can play for yourself, and PHOGS The demos are very similar. It controls one body, but the two heads are individually controlled in blue using the left button and red using the right button. It may take some time to be dexterous, but doing so will give you a tight and smooth response. The movements are pleasing and the interactions are quick, not too accurate. Grab and pull physics works well, and the elasticity of the sausage body is quite generous.

When it comes to physics, they are puzzle stars. Each world feels like a giant toy box with loose pieces that match the tone rattling. The presentation clarifies a part of the landscape and what you can move around freely. Most puzzles involve manipulating the dog’s head in different ways, performing the same or different actions. This paves the way for many swing sections and object navigation through challenging obstacle courses without frustration. It’s very easy to get into the ditch and enjoy the gameplay.

The aesthetics of the game match the dog protagonist: pure fun. The whole world is colorful and clean, and the inhabitants are adapted to the surrounding environment. Again, like a toy box, there is a playful mess that emphasizes some of the absurdity. From happiness to calm, from energetic parties to peaceful nights, the degree varies from world to world. Music is very simple, but it helps to create the perfect environment for exploring and staying longer for a while. All these pieces come together to create a place for the puzzle that can be tried and errored over and over again.

Oh naughty puppy


Everyone makes mistakes, even the pure angelic creatures known as dogs.There are several things PHOGS A demo that allows you to use a different look.

Perhaps the biggest problem is difficulty. As mentioned above, there are some challenges, but I feel like they are missing. Some puzzles may have more steps in them, but they are not more difficult. The main thing players can struggle with during playthrough is a control scheme that distracts them from the puzzle. The controls are fine, but it’s a personal challenge, not a game challenge, to remember how to adjust the controls.

The world is diverse, but the content is also diverse. One world is filled with objects, characters and activities, the next world downplays one or more aspects. When each world has the same amount of whims, there is a reason to want to see more, which is not always possible. Another problem is that the dog duo are restrained by the fact that they can’t jump and are difficult to move.

Finally, there are small bugs that appear here and there.They could be the fault PHOGS It’s a demo, but it’s still worth mentioning. The dog’s head may glitch and become anxious. Random visual delays and audio skips can also disrupt the experience. These may be small complaints, but hope they don’t stack up.

Walk time

PHOGS demo

PHOGS Is a 3D puzzle title about a double-headed sausage dog on a whimsical cartoon adventure in physics. It’s not the most engaging and rewarding game, but it’s a fun and engaging experience for everyone. The demo will continue to be enjoyable for people and will be released on December 4, 2020 on all major platforms including Switch, PS4 and Xbox the case of PHOGS The demo can say anything about the upcoming full game, it’s purebred fun.

PHOGS Demo | The True Sausage Dog(s)

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