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The Newly crowned Formula 2 Champion He rarely races in his native Australia. He shifted his focus to Europe while still in Kurt.

In fact, he made his debut in Formula 4 after moving abroad and has never raced at home.

If his impeccable junior category form wins the F1 seat in 2023 as planned, his local debut could be made at Albert Park for the Australian Grand Prix.

But in the long run, Piastri wants to know more about Australia’s classic motorsport V8 engine-powered supercars.

He says his interest in driving a supercar was inspired during a test day with his friend and local Carrera Cup driver Christian Panchone.

“I want to join one,” he said. “I don’t know about racing because they look like just a handful!

“Racing at Bassert will always be cool, but yeah, they look like little beasts in a car, so I’d love to try it.

“One of my Australian friends is racing at the Porsche Carrera Cup in Australia. When I went to his test day, there were a lot of supercars so it was cool to see them running around.

“It will be cool to try in the future.”

When faced with a reference to racing in Bathurst, Piastri said that if he intends to race in Bathurst, it’s in Bathurst 1000, after his single-seater career is over.

“All F1 drivers want to race in Monaco, and every V8 supercar driver wants to race in Bassert,” he said.

“It’s definitely the main thing I want to drive.”

Piastri will return to Melbourne tomorrow off-season and return to Europe in the New Year to welcome him. Alpine’s new role as a spare and test driver..

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Piastri enthusiastic about supercar rap Piastri enthusiastic about supercar rap

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