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Alex Limoges, captain of Pennsylvania State University, will bring East Lansing three games and four goals in a row this weekend. (Photo: Mark Selders / Penn State Athletics).

Happy new year! When Drew Clausen posted his final pick blog in December 2020, Big Ten hadn’t yet published the rest of the season’s schedule. Now we know that the rest of the season will start on January 3rd. First, let’s take a look at how Drew and I have been working on the picks so far. It’s no longer worth reporting that this season’s performance is worse than usual.

December 17-20
Drew: 1-2-1 (.375)
Paula: 3-0-1 (.875)

This season
Drew: 23-13-2 (.632)
POLA: 18-18-2 (.500)

this week

Technically speaking, it’s not in the middle of Big Ten’s schedule, but it feels like it’s starting the second half of the season. To celebrate the New Year, there are two Sunday-Monday series. One is the slope of the conference and the other features Arizona. All time is local.

Michigan State University Pennsylvania State University
Sunday and Monday at 3:00 pm

Beginning in January, two points distinguish between 6th place Spartan and 7th place Nittany Lion. After starting Season 0-5, Pennsylvania State University won the series three times in a row, beating Michigan on December 3 and dominating Arizona State University the following weekend. In the final series of December, Sparta defeated Notre Dame in two extra times to draw. Pennsylvania State University leads this all-time series 11-15-4, but the team splits each of the last two seasons series to .500 each time at home and on the go. I can’t imagine this series being different, but Drew and I are different when and who wins.

Drew: Michigan 3-2, Penn 5-2
Paula: Pennsylvania State University 3-2, Michigan State University 4-2

Arizona, Minnesota # 1
Sunday 3:00 pm, Monday 7:00 pm

Sun Devil’s went 2-3-1 in December, but all three losses were due to goals and two were overtime. In their final series, Sandevilles tied the Birth of the Backeyes before defeating Ohio in another one-goal game. Minnesota last wiped out Michigan from December 8th to 9th, setting a perfect 8-0 record in January. Interesting facts about the Gophers — they haven’t been chasing their opponents yet this season. Drew predicts that they will track at least once this weekend. I don’t know if Sun Devil’s will lead this weekend, but I’m not against the Golden Gophers.

Drew: Arizona 4-3, Minnesota 4-2
Paula: Minnesota 3-1 and 3-1

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Pickin’the Big Ten: January 3-4 | College Hockey Pickin’the Big Ten: January 3-4 | College Hockey

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