Picross S6 hits Nintendo Switch on April 22nd

The latest in the Picross S series, a popular block-filling puzzle game by Jupiter, is back Picross S6 And a new batch of puzzles. According to the game trailer Picross S6 It will be available for download at the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 22nd.

In most cases, the latest articles retain all the regular corrections to Jupiter’s nonogram representation. Brings 300 puzzles between regular Picross and its larger counterpart, Mega Picross. There are 30 color picros puzzles. This is a game format that adds layers of complexity by incorporating colors, 150 clip picros puzzles, and 5 super-large extra puzzles. Players can also unlock additional additional puzzles by linking their play data with previous versions of the game, such as: Picross S, Picross S2, Picross S3..

Popular puzzle games have gradually improved their functionality over time. This version works from small quality of life to big puzzles. Playing a large grid from the Extra Puzzles section highlights the 10 square units on the grid in different colors to help players count.

Picross has long been implemented in a variety of ways, with some games adding stories and adventures between puzzle entries. There are also different versions that you can find for free on your phone.

However, these versions by Jupiter for the Switch are very smooth and perfect for playing. Especially if you want a console version of the game that refrains from telling the story and instead focuses on the puzzle side.

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