Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is an irreverent casual game with a serious message (and lots of poop)

The annual Halloween Spookfest is held, but now there are far more horrifying events.

It also depends on your purpose. Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is a hilarious mobile game that satirizes the current state of US politics by pooping supporters of two presidential candidates.

Yeah, the US elections are imminent. There is salvation down one road. The other, a specific fate. Which way is which depends entirely on your political persuasion.

Each level takes place in different US cities, where LA, Seattle, New York and other urban spaces are represented in stylish pixel art fashion. Citizens roam these cities, sit on benches, chat, and generally do their daily work.

Until you poop them.

The political empathy of the victims is indicated by the color of the energy bar floating above their heads, so you always know what kind of person you are defeating. They react to pooping in a variety of colorful ways.

Some people make funny remarks, some run for a cover, some laugh at you, and some unpleasant targets throw things and retaliate.

And you don’t just poop on the average citizen. There is also a boss. You can also poop on major politicians such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

Meanwhile, Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections holds poop statistics for various states and helps predict the outcome of imminent US elections through the old-fashioned medium of bird defecation. You can check in at any time with the live POOP map.

Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections definitely has that cautious side, but the game also has a significant mission. It features a fair, balanced and timely news nugget from the current presidential election, especially helping young voters make informed choices in this very important election.

By the way, it takes less than a week to go before the election day. It’s time to download Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections and poop.

The game is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is an Irreverent Casual Game with a Serious Message (and Tons of Poop)

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