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Santa saying otherwise. Will Kirk Cousins ​​have another three years?

“Yes, little Mikey Z., this is all the guy Minnesota wanted, so you’re stuck with him. Maybe you can exchange him for Philly for Carson Wentz, at least. Carson can get out of the way of his shadow, “Santa replied.

With the Vikings losing two games in a row and playing most reliably in the playoffs, it’s time to find another team to support. Aaron Rodgers and Packers are doing well.

This roller coaster season isn’t suitable for fan tickers, so it’s probably best to have the Vikings not playoffs. Even without all the mistakes, Minnesota should be in a position to play off 7-7.

The 2nd Viking had a quarter and couldn’t get the yard. Of course, aggressive lines and playcalls had a lot to do with it.

A touchdown pass by Arve Smith was also dropped, and Minnesota had to settle for two short field goals as the attacks splattered after scoring the first goal.

Captain Kirk kept holding the ball for a long time, missed some open receivers and couldn’t find any open receivers. By the way, the authorities missed Ave Maria’s face mask. That would have given Minnesota extra play and nearly a few yards.

And don’t start the decision that Mikey Coach chooses it 4 to 1 with his 30s. Stupid mistake, and I said it before the ball snapped. I knew they were trying it out and trying to run, and so was Chicago. At least the defense kept the Bears to just 3 points.

Other Minnesota football teams also had a chance to win, but mistakes bothered them. The Gophers could have been able to wrestle with Paul Bunyan’s ax away from Wisconsin, but they made too many mistakes with 20-17 overtime losses.

I know the field goals I missed in the extra session stand out, but what about the holding penalty that negates the two-yard touchdown performed by Mohamen Ibrahim? In the next play, Tanner Morgan was selected in the end zone. Field goals and games will end with regulation after Minnesota finishes Seasons 4-3.

The winner in the 15th week was 14-1 Jerry Sundstrom, but I also finished 14-1. We both chose the unfortunate Viking to win at home.

This week, we will welcome Tampa Bay, Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Tennessee and Buffalo to Road Warriors, with Arizona, Washington, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Houston, Baltimore, Seattle and New Orleans winning at home.

For the final week of next week’s pick, we’ll include a lot of college bowl games!

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Pigskin Picks Week 15 Results | News Pigskin Picks Week 15 Results | News

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