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Between the dusty flowerpots and the dew-laden leaves, the cute view of Nintendo’s strategic genre has always been more than the sum of those parts. Whether those pieces are components of a spaceship rushed back in Pikmin 1 or household items scattered in the landscape of Pikmin 2, the route to those hidden treasures is always just a map of the goods. It was more than hovering. The charm of Pikmin lies in the gradual growth of your tiny army, the act of pulling new creatures out of the ground to replace their fallen ancestors, and the battle in which you must try to protect them from harm.

Then, Nintendo’s latest Wii U game, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, will re-release the switch. This time, it was courtesy of Eighting, a Japanese support studio. For your money this time, you get a relatively easy port of the original game, now that additional challenge mission DLC is included from off, and before and after the Pikmin 3 story. There’s a little more suite of all-new additional levels set up Time to the original protagonist Olimar of the series, revealing what he was doing while the main story of Pikmin 3 was taking place elsewhere (And a little bit of what happened after that …)

I usually enjoyed the original Pikmin 3, but I remember being happy that Nintendo continued the series after waiting for the next article for a long time (fans are now experiencing it with Pikmin 4). Waiting as long as you are). Therefore, as far as the Pikmin 3 Deluxe main campaign is concerned, many of the same positives and negatives will continue to exist. The game’s debut Pikmin species (rock picmin like pebbles and flying picmin like mosquitoes) are both great additions, but instead of complementing the purple and white seeds of Pikmin 2 in the main campaign, they take The fact that it will take over is a bit disappointing. The addition of a third playable character that can keep spinning three different plates at the same time adds a real leap in mental complexity to the procedure, but in reality this is actually a lot of concrete Benefits are rarely added. The areas of the Pikmin world have never looked cleaner or more complex than ever, but Pikmin 2’s challenging cave mechanic removal feels like a setback, but it’s popular with fans. There aren’t some creatures (no Bulbmin! No Bull Blacks!) The enemy roster feels a bit incomplete.

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Pikmin 3 replaces the veteran heroes of the series with three novice adventurers. This probably provides new players with an easier entry point into the series, initially scattered across the surface of Pikmin’s familiar planet. The trio headed there to collect food for their planet, and soon they would help them team up again and begin hiding the pieces of fruit scattered throughout the environment. Early on, you’ll find the series’ original Red Pikmin, a powerful fighter that doesn’t burn, and a yellow Pikmin that can be thrown high through electricity. You can also quickly meet the sturdy Rock Pikmin, which can be used to break crystal-like obstacles and glass barriers and withstand being trampled by some enemies. It will take some time for Winged Pikmin to debut-they always feel like Pikmin’s cheat code, floating on the water and allowing them to quickly carry items in the air or by more direct routes. It was. The roster of the game ends with Blue Pikmin. Due to the delayed introduction of Blue Pikmin, it is possible to revisit the previous area and scoop up the remaining fruit submerged in the water.

In a sense, Pikmin 3 felt a conscious step towards the simpler experience that Pikmin 1 offers. A single limited-time quest with few gadgets and abilities, no upgrades to heroes, and multiple speedruns. (On the other hand, Pikmin 2 saw Olimar and Loei be able to continue stripping the area in their spare time after the credits were rolled back.) However, Pikmin 1 has a strict time limit and hands Shaking can result in a complete game over, but Pikmin 3 remains more generous-it has as much time as the collected fruits and quickly builds a healthy buffer. This deluxe re-release is based on this with some (fully optional) useful auxiliary features-a hint system that highlights the scattered resources of the game needed to build the bridge, and Even a directional arrow along the ground that guides you to the next main purpose of the game.

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The Wii U GamePad touchscreen map is here via a pause screen-honestly an improvement-while using Joy-Con’s gyro control, you can throw a Pikmin or surround with a whistle. You can quickly point and aim when you hang out. This doesn’t work as well as the best Wii remotes in the series in previous installations, but it’s an improvement over where Pikmin 3 used to be. It’s a good time to mention some other great additions-a well-written Pikmin 2 picropedia has been added to detail all the creatures in Pikmin 3 (Louis has added them all). It’s worth reading just to see how to eat), and now there’s a set of badges like achievements to grind.

Bingo battles in competitive mode, where the fun of the game is often forgotten, returns untouched, but the brilliant one- or two-player co-op mission mode has the same type of Wii U DLC area as the Pikmin 2 cave. 12 have been added. Here you can also meet Pikmin 2’s awkward purple and toxic white Pikmin varieties at a more abstract floating level with the theme of Helter Skelter around construction sites, sandy beaches, or home Christmas tree branches. I will. After finishing the story of the game, I spent about the same amount of time repeating each of these levels over and over to improve speedruns and level up each medal.

Finally, there are all-new Olimar and Louis levels of Pikmin 3 set before and after the game’s main campaign. A few weeks ago I was able to play these first sets and found them to be fun but quite lightweight. Well, Nintendo doesn’t want me to say anything more about their story, but says that there’s more fleshy and more found in the second set to unlock after the game’s campaign is over. Please tell me what you can say. They are still set in the original area of ​​Pikmin 3 and a little kitbashing, but offer the closest thing to Pikmin 4 to play this year. And that’s the real hope of this re-release-this return of the Wii U campaign with additional bells and whistles will be the starting point for a whole new Pikmin in the relatively near future. Pikmin 3, like its own little treasure, is worth the dust as it waits for the series to properly finish the garden vacation.


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