Pikmin Bloom is Niantic’s latest collaboration with Nintendo and will be available on iOS and Android this week.

Pikmin Bloom is the latest collaboration between Nintendo and AR developer Niantic, which will be available for download on both iOS and Android in the coming days.

Like Pokemon GO, Pikmin Bloom incorporates the elements of the beloved Nintendo franchise and the outdoors. Players can grow Pikmin by walking around and stepping in, but that’s only half the experience.

As soon as you finish your daily walk and continue to grow Pikmin, you can pick them up and have them collect more resources to keep you playing. Like other Niantic AR games, it has an interactive map based on the actual location.

Pikmin Bloom-Screenshot

As you walk, the flowers bloom along your way and the actual walk becomes a more important part of Pikmin Bloom. Take the Pikmin crew for trekking and the flowers planted at each step will bloom on the map.

In this regard, Pikmin Bloom is more like a fitness tracker than a game, which seems like a desirable goal.

Niantic plans a monthly Community Day event to encourage community walks, but at Pikmin Bloom, the goal is not to collect enough to keep you away. You can also take pictures with Pikmin and keep a diary of every place you’ve been to.

Pikmin Bloom is the first new game Niantic co-developed with Nintendo. The two companies have announced plans to cooperate further in the Nintendo franchise in the future, so we can expect more from both companies in the future.

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