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Pilot Chief Merchant: 2021 “Full Speed ​​Ahead”

About a year ago, at this time, everyone and businesses in the United States were beginning to realize that the country was facing major challenges, unlike what had been seen for many years.

The exact size of the challenge was not lost in Brian Ferguson, the pilot’s main merchant, who operates more than 750 travel centers in 44 states and 6 Canada. It has a state and 28,000 employees. However, Ferguson remembers how quickly and successfully the company was able to shift gear, providing a safe, healthy and clean place for guests to visit and employees to work. Emphasize your promise.

Ferguson also meant a constant fight against the coronavirus in 2020, but offered new products and rewards to professional drivers, expanded partnerships with others, and generally “more services.” Recall that it interfered with the efforts of pilots to provide “better value, greater”, a better travel center for hospitality and the industry.

Ferguson revisits 2020 with this edition of the Truckers News podcast and looks forward to what’s happening in 2021.

Pilot Chief Merchant: 2021 “Full Speed ​​Ahead” Pilot Chief Merchant: 2021 “Full Speed ​​Ahead”

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