Pirate Door and 9 other hilarious mistakes Charlie made

Charlie made a lot of hilarious mistakes at Philadelphia is always sunnyGreat for the gangster’s contempt and the rest of the audience’s entertainment. His illiteracy is a long-running gag at the show, often manifested in a way that destroys the intestines.

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From fascinated by the “Pirate Door” to worrying about his father being a “cheese hybrid,” there’s no shortage of scenes that highlight Charlie’s unique worldview. The weird mistakes made by Paddy’s Pub Janita are, of course, a symbol of fandom, and errors such as “Pepe Silvia” and “moneyme” are becoming even more popular through countless memes.

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Pirate door

It’s always sunny It changed a lot One thing that has remained the same for years, but remains the same, is Charlie’s illiteracy and his fierce denial of it. In Season 3’s episode “Gangs Resolve the North Korean Situation,” his mission to spy on competitors with Dennis began to turn sideways when he unexpectedly found the “Pirate Door.” increase.

He casually asks the confused Dennis if he thinks “pirates live there”. This, of course, encourages the correction that it is actually written as “private.” The way Charlie tries to avoid Dennis’ question of why he reads it that way is even more interesting than his first mistake, and as soon as he tries to kick the pirate’s door, everything is forgotten.

Coors sign

In Season 5 episode “The Great Recession”, Paddy’s Pub isn’t very good. Gangsters turn to Charlie as they try to determine exactly what each contributes to the bar. Charlie admits that part of his routine is “always check” and “inform people” by turning on “Coors’ sign”. There is “Delicious Coors of Ice in the bar”.

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It sounds reasonable enough until the rest of the group go out and notice that the sign actually says “closed” instead of “Coors”. Again, Charlie’s deflection is as interesting as the mistake itself. He protects himself in a nonsensical way, saying it’s difficult to read the autograph from the inside.

Pepe Sylvia

Charlie's Pepe Sylvia plot is always sunny

Charlie’s most iconic scene Even those who have never heard of the show can definitely recognize the “Pepe Sylvia” conspiracy. During the Season 4 episode “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack,” Charlie and Mack learn what it’s like to work with “salaries and benefits.”

Unfortunately for Charlie, the mail room proves too much for him. Especially considering that he can’t read and write really well. He was surprised when he realized that the person did not exist, despite some of the letters addressed to “Pepe Sylvia”. Most employees of what he calls a “ghost town” are also absent. The possible truth here is that Charlie isn’t doing his job well in the post office, and Hyper instead focuses on revealing the “major conspiracy” around him. I am.


At the season 15 finale, “The Gang Dances their Asses Off,” Charlie made an honest mistake and put Paddy’s Pub as the grand prize for the dance marathon. He explains to the group that he put the bar in the “pride” section of the form, or what he is “proud”.

Mack best says it when he shouts about Charlie’s “illiteracy ruined their marketing tactics” and turns the entire event into a high-stakes competition where they have to win. It’s a ridiculous moment to emphasize that even Charlie’s smallest error can have an interesting impact on the group.

Spaghetti policy

Charlie eating spaghetti as Dee and Mack see on a sunny day in Philadelphia.

Charlie is overworked and overwhelmed in Season 6 episode “Charlie Kelly: King of Rats”. Charlie is tired of hitting mice all day and the gang feels scared when he realizes it’s his birthday. Dee offers to take him to the spa as a treat, which only confuses Charlie asking if she is going to take him “for Spaghetti Day”.

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Even after seeing what the spa is and having a plate of spaghetti, Charlie still doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on. When Charlie asks that a “spaghetti policy” has been established, it is Dee’s last straw and is of great help to the entertainment of fans who regularly quote as hilarious phrases as possible.


Always sunny Charlie catches Lepra Sean

The season 11 episode “Charlie catches a leprechaun” sounds exactly like that, but instead of a leprechaun, Charlie just traps a normal person in the bar’s basement.Perhaps the most interesting thing about this mistake is that it turns the whole thing into one Best Mac and Charlie episodes..

Like Charlie, Mack is confident that he knows where to find the “gold jar.” Audiences cannot blame innocent prisoners for feeling sick. That is, until it becomes clear that he is actually making an amazing twist towards the end.

Sunscreen drink

Jersey Shore It's always sunny

Dee and Dennis are momentarily scared in the season 7 episode “Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore.” Charlie expresses how grateful he is for the idea of ​​sunscreen. Dee points out that Charlie has never been given sunscreen, so he’s just taking pure sunscreen instead of alcohol.

Charlie doesn’t seem to care because the chemicals are likely to have already changed the state of his mind at that time. He is too excited to check out “stray dogs” and “sea specimens” and not mind Dennis’ claim to “absorb culture.” It’s a comical contrast between their personality and priorities, and Charlie is expected to feel satisfied just staying in one place throughout the holidays.

So do it

Dennis stands in front of Philadelphia's always sunny American flag.

Dennis finally states that in Season 2’s episode “Running for Public Offices”, Charlie thinks “potentially dyslexic.” When Charlie tries to help shoot Dennis’ campaign speech, viewers can see how little English Charlie really understands.

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“This requires you to vote for me. I leave power. Good.” Make up the whole speech. Charlie’s words when frustrated Dennis quotes them makes it a particularly gutsy scene. This is one of the earliest moments to highlight Charlie’s illiteracy and undoubtedly mark the beginning of a fan-favorite gag.

Money me

Bonnie Kelly The best repetitive characters in It’s always sunny.. She looks and acts like an innocent mother who wants the best for Charlie’s, but as fans see in the twist of the season 8 episode “Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer”, she Can also be quite malicious.

During a fundraising event at Paddy’s Pub, Charlie pressured her mother to read the speeches he and Mac wrote for her. It is clear which part of the speech was written by Charlie, “Give me money. Give me money. Now money. I have a lot of money now.” It has become a symbol of fandom. increase.

Cheese hybrid

Charlie Kelly and Shelley Kelly

Season 15 episode “The Gang’s Still in Ireland” is an important event in Charlie’s life as Charlie knows exactly who his Irish pen pal really is. When I looked into the background of the mysterious character, I was surprised to find out that I was a “cheese hybrid”.

As if to bring the points home, Charlie worries and asks if he’s done something bad enough for the title, sometimes exchanging for a “cheese monster.” It’s a hilarious mistake to highlight that you can’t understand and express simple words like “cheese shop”, but it seems that you can understand Irish and speak fluently.

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