Pittsburgh Knights wins 2021 SMITE Pro League World Championship

Hi-Rez Studios Announced the team Knights of Pittsburgh Won 2021 SMITE Pro League World ChampionshipAfter a year of fierce competition, he brought back the $ 400,000 first prize.

This season 7 of the SMITE World Championship (SWC) is contested by a global roster of incredible professional, semi-professional and amateur teams competing for the chance to win a $ 600,000 prize pot on both PCs and consoles. I did.

Ghost Gaming, Radiance, Pittsburgh Knights, Radiance, Renegades and Sanguine Esports won the final crown at this year’s SWC Final, which was held entirely online. Pittsburgh Knights and Ghost Gaming have advanced to the quarter-finals and semi-finals, setting the stage for a spectacular showdown.

Pittsburgh Knights led early on from the ghost and won the first two games with clever strategy and clever reactive play. In an incredible show of courage, the ghosts gathered, won the next two games and tied both teams 2-2.

The momentum of the spectacular finals fluctuated and both sides took the lead. However, it was the Knights of Pittsburgh who were able to ensure victory, and Paul created a particularly huge stack of play. Pittsburgh Knights showed an outstanding display of team play and won 3-2 to become the SWC’s consecutive winner.

Season 7 of SWC was just one of the best features ever for Hi-Rez Studios’ incredibly popular mythical MOBA. SMITE’s Season 8: Babylon’s Dawn, unveiled at last week’s Hi-Rez Showcase event, is a whole new evolution of Babylonian Pantheon Conquest Map (for the first time in three years), new gods (including Tiamat and Gilgamesh), and more in new battles. Get better paths, new collaborations, and more esports actions throughout the year.

Season 8 also marks the arrival of a new era for the SMITE Pro League, with Hi-Rez Studios revitalizing the structure by bringing all eight Pro League teams in-house. This gives teams and players direct sponsorship and more opportunities to generate revenue. Updates include:

  • The team will have a brand new name and brand.
  • Athletes and coaches’ salaries are fully standardized, significantly increasing from Season 7’s base salary requirements.
  • Teams / players have the opportunity to secure their own sponsorship to further supplement their base income.
  • Hi-Rez also provides players with 100% revenue sharing on all sales of team products or in-game items, effectively eliminating “intermediaries” and maximizing the benefits of promotional activities for players. Make it available.

“This year’s SWC is the most popular to date, with a 180% surge in viewership between 2019 and 2020, thanks to fierce rivalry, dramatic personal stories, and epic gaming moments.” Stew Chisam, CEO of Hi-Rez Studios, said: “Thanks to all the great teams and players for congratulating Pittsburgh Knights on their great achievements and providing a great season for world-class esports.”

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Pittsburgh Knights Win 2021 SMITE Pro League World Championship

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