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Only one actor has lent his voice to all Pixar animated feature films since the company broke the animation pattern. Toy story Back in 1995: John Ratzenberger..former cheers Actor who has Give life to Pixar characters By starring in their latest films, like Hamm, PT Flea, and The Underminer, he continues to win his streak as a “lucky charm” in the studio. soul, Currently streamed on Disney +. But who does he play?

Pete Docter, one of soulJohn Ratzenberger said in a recent interview soul The cameo did happen, even though the actor didn’t appear in the movie credits. “He … I don’t want to give (it), I don’t want to be too specific,” said the doctor. CinemaBlend.. “But John Ratzenberger is making a cameo in the movie.”

Not surprisingly, it leaves everyone wondering exactly who he played in the movie. The real answer is: we are not completely convinced! But since this is the Internet, of course, there are already some speculations. As far as I know, Ratzenberger is presumed to be speaking to a subway man who appears about an hour after the movie. When Joe Gardener and his cat companion, Mitten, boarded the subway, the train set off, causing Joe to lose balance and knock on a man standing nearby looking at his phone. “Hey, take it easy?” The man yelled at New York’s rich accents and could be Ratzenberger. But that hasn’t been confirmed yet, so fans sift through a smaller speaking role in an attempt to pinpoint his voice until one of the doctors or other filmmakers finally spills the beans. is needed.

You can keep an eye on some other Easter eggs while digging through the movie trying to solve the Ratzenberger mystery.Pixar’s next movie Luka At some point I’m being teased by a travel poster soulThe wall of stickers from the mentor in front of 22, 22 is full of fun choices (including what we talked about) When I talked to the filmmaker), And the Pizza Planet truck appears in the vast Hall of Everything wide shot. There is a particularly deep cut in the subway shot in the second half of the movie. You can see an ambiguous ad for Blanc, a fictional company where Riley’s dad works in the movie before the doctor. Inside out.. For more information WDWNT..

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Pixar’s Lucky Charm is back – / Film

https://www.slashfilm.com/john-ratzenberger-soul/ Pixar’s Lucky Charm is back – / Film

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