Pixel Junk Eden 2 to be released on Switch in December

When the PixelJunk Eden 2 was first announced for Switch, it was on track for this summer. The game will be pushed and the release date may come after that delay.

PixelJunk Eden 2 is now available on the Nintendo UK list, The game will be displayed on December 10th. I need Q-Games to check that, but I hope the date is fixed.

From the heart of creative director and hypnotic soundscape composer Baiyon, for both the award-winning Pixeljunk Eden and Eden Obscura, life, color and collaboration as Grimps revitalizes and rejuvenates the world with luminous, painting bands Introducing Eden2, the quest for. On a lush canvas while they are playing.

Cultivate new plants and biomes, collect pollen, help seeds germinate new exotic leaves and bloom, and return to a magnificent and ever-changing garden of psychedelic sights and sounds. All have a mellow, multicolored visual background.

Swing and spin from silk thread as you and your partner Pirouette circulate around each other with the world’s light and color brush strokes to collect all the important “spectrums” that are the source of all life. To do. in the world.


– The new Grimp with added perks can be unlocked over time, providing a new way to play and experience these strange new worlds.
– Use different “spices” to improve pollen collection, spend more time cultivating your garden and change the world in a winding way.
– Relax with synergistic beats and rhythms created specifically for these kaleidoscopic wonderful worlds.
– Choose from numerous gardens, each with its own variations, and Eden 2 offers countless hours of continuous play.
– A vast and eclectic mix of ambient and sensory candies for the ears.

PixelJunk Eden 2 listed for December release on Switch

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