Pizza Hut announces new plush crust pizza

The New York (CNN Business) Pizza Hut is doubling one of its classic innovations as the pandemic pizza war intensifies.

Pizza Hut offers a ring of pizza-free cheese stuffed dough to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the debut of crust stuffing.

name? Of course, “there is nothing but crust stuffing.”

Just weeks after rival Papa Johns launches his own stuffed crust pizza, the cheesy promotion is limited to Dallas and Los Angeles venues this Tuesday through Thursday. According to the company, the first 50 customers who make a $ 10 purchase are free except for Stuffed Crust. At participating restaurants, you can also purchase a 3-topping crust pizza for $ 11.99 for a limited time.

“Many people have tried to reproduce it, but there is still only one crust pizza with the original stuffing,” Pizza Hut said in a statement.

During the coronavirus pandemic, competition between large chains is fierce, fueling a surge in pizza demand from Americans who spend more time at home and avoid eating restaurants. Papa John’s, Domino’s (DMPZF) and Pizza Hut began hiring thousands of new employees in the spring.

October 29, Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum! Brands (YUM) reported a 17% to 21% surge in chain offsite sales in the third quarter of 2020. According to financial records, Pizza Hut opened 148 new restaurants in 32 countries over the same period.

Yam! CEO David Gibbs said the fast food conglomerate’s year-over-year digital revenue set a single-quarter record of $ 4 billion between July and September.

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