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A long commute from the office in the cold, with no sunlight or warmth? We were all there. But what if you couldn’t go home and started wondering if the house didn’t exist at all?

This is a prerequisite for The Plane Effect. Indie titles by PQube, Studio Kiku and Innovina Interactive promise a dystopian and moody narrative experience. The player takes on the role of solo, a lonely office worker who is about to return to his family after spending the last day of work. A little worrisome, Solo seems to have a hard time remembering his family and has to deal with changes in the balance between space and time.

Airplane effect announcement trailer

In gameplay terminology, you face the challenge of “untangling” [an] Understand the impossible sequence of events, the intangibles, and use logic to overcome the increasingly illogical dystopia around you. “. All in one day’s work.

According to the Steam page, there is currently no release date for The Plane Effect (although the website suggests sometime in 2021), but once it reaches this plane of existence, it will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo. Switches and steam will be available.


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