Planet Zoo will get aquatic-themed DLC next week

The new Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack DLC includes 5 adorable new animals (yes, Dwarf Kaiman is adorable), over 170 new landscape pieces to decorate the zoo, and lots of new challenges you’ve faced. Introducing fresh content Revives a water-themed zoo around a dry riverbed in Oregon, USA.

We warmly welcome king penguins, giant otters, gray seals, dwarf caimen, and diamondback terrapins. Don’t forget to keep entertaining the new additions with some of the new enrichment items added, such as rubber ducks. No one can resist visiting your zoo if a giant otter with a rubber duck on its belly floats downstream.

Once you’ve selected the new animals you want to add to your zoo, it’s time to decorate them. New landscape works include a mural depicting the King Penguins’ ice tundra, a dwarf Kaiman’s luscious mangrove mural, a reflective surface reflecting a watery environment, and a wonderful waterfall that you admire.

The Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack will be available for download on Steam on December 8th for £ 7.99 / $ 9.99 / € 9.99. If you need penguins action sooner, check out the Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack announcement trailer below.

Planet Zoo is on the list of the best managed games, but if it’s not yet on sale, check out Planet Zoo’s review.

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