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The magic of the cup was able to see the Spurs coming from out of nowhere competitive and parachuting into two cup finals in the same season. Given that the club’s fan-based voice minority can’t stand the coaches, style of play, and some players, this isn’t a pointless feat. That said, as I suggested earlier, after being locked down for a year or so, football has become a game show more than ever, fans shout “higher” or “lower”, and not much in between. There is none. Bread and circuse analogy, who?

Everton have enjoyed improvements under Ancelotti, primarily to improve Toffee’s defensive focus, but like Tottenham, another huge coach at a club with limited funding available. Is fighting the odds to implement his method.

Can Spurs beat Everton? definitely. Do they do so? In that respect, of course, we’re back in the days of Pochettino, and we’re wondering if the team we’re playing will fly or be a flat line. Bookmaker Spurs should be able to get an appetizing 11/10 draw at around 7/4 and Everton at 17/10.

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Plausible Spurs XI to beat Everton Plausible Spurs XI to beat Everton

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