Play as a famous influencer and blow up wild water slides with slide stars

Slide star — Now available on Xbox One — Over 20 of the world’s most popular influencers from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram! Play as your favorite star, jump on strange rides and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Slide with your favorite star

This time it’s not Rayman, Crash, or even Sonic. No, instead, play as one of Brent Rivera, Holly H, Jeff Sade, or many others. We wanted to take a whole new approach, so we invited social media sensations of all kinds and countries to dive into this challenge and see if we could reach the finish line.

Fresh platform experience

When Slide star We wanted to offer a new, colorful and fun 2D adventure to those who like platform titles. Looking at the past few years, I feel that very few games like this have been released.Of course – we loved recent masterpieces such as Rayman Legends And Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeBut even those released over 5 years ago. That’s why I wanted to bring something new and exciting to this genre.

The team behind Slide star Previously worked on mobile hits Uphill rush, One of the most successful and fun waterslide games ever. In this title, we combined all this experience with our extensive knowledge of the console to create the first ever water racing and balancing platformer for Xbox One! Get ready to blow up an exotic and adventurous waterslide filled with corking bottle openers, loops and many other crazy challenges.

What else can you expect? Slide star Full of danger and extraordinary enemies of all kinds of wild platforms. It’s up to you and the stars you play to overcome rolling rocks, banana bomb-throwing monkeys, dangerous spiders, and even the giant krakens that plague you with tentacles!

To bring extra color and fun Slide starIncludes 20 super bizarre vehicles that can be unlocked during playthrough. These range from iconic inflatable flamingos, banana boats, real sharks and baby turtles to giant flying dragons. Depending on size and weight, each ride will play slightly differently. This allows you to fall in love with the ride of your choice. You can also unlock each special skin!

Slide star

Make a splash with your friends

What’s more fun than sliding a crazy waterslide solo? Of course, do so together! I believe the game will be better if we can enjoy it together. That’s why we always make multiplayer one of our top priorities in game development.

To Slide star You can both play as the star of your choice and find out who is the fastest. We believe this will greatly enhance the enjoyment of all players and make it a true couch multiplayer joy. Also, if you want to know if Brent Rivera, Demi Rose, or Dr. Mike slides the fastest, get covered.

Jump into a slide star today

One question remains: with whom will you reach the finish line?Get ready for the most extreme waterslide adventure in the world Slide star Now available on Xbox One. Let’s dive!

Slide star

Xbox Live

Slide star

Lion castle


$ 39.99

Get ready for extreme water slide action while exploding the adventurous world of water! Dive into the acclaimed slide star adventures when your beloved star makes their console debut! Experience the thrill of water you’ve never seen before, sliding through tropical islands and hazy swamps filled with platform perfection! Jump into a variety of crazy vehicles, from the iconic pink flamingos to live hungry sharks and even fire-breathing dragons! Play solo or team up with friends in two-player multiplayer to overcome challenges on all platforms and survive a unique army of enemies, from bomb-throwing monkeys and chickens to unleashed krakens. !! Slide Stars is an accessible and enjoyable experience for all types of players. It also features an optional challenge for veteran players to maximize their platform skills.

Play as Famous Influencers and Blast Through Wild Waterslides in Slide Stars

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