Play as a Rogue Lords demon available today on the Xbox Store

Rogue RoadRoguelike games that cheat using the game interface are now available on Xbox One. First released on PC last year, we’re very excited to release it on Xbox, the next major step in our adventure. Play as a demon and have a great time leading the evil forces to victory.

Play as a demon and control the iconic evil genius

Years after a devastating defeat in the hands of the demon hunter, the devil returned to human land, reestablishing his grip on the mortal and causing his revenge. Still weakened, he begins to search for legendary artifacts that can regain his former power, surrounded by nine infamous evil geniuses such as Dracula, the Headless Knight, the White Lady, and Baron Samedi.

As a prince of hell, you control a team of three characters with unique skills in each run, develop their synergies, and relentless turn-based against mortals who dare to obstruct your path. Lead to battle. Unlike the disciples, the devil has no physical incarnation. We decided not to give him a particular shape so that anyone could draw him freely.

Use the game interface to cheat

Nothing will stop you, especially the rules that those stupid humans follow! In exchange for some of your vitality, you can manipulate the health gauges of your disciples and enemies, steal your enemies’ positive stats, open doorways on the map, and force scales during interactive events. I can do it. All of this allows you to overturn the situation at key points during execution.

When created Rogue RoadI wanted to make sure that the devil’s gameplay is not only really fun, but also unique to the character itself, and that cheating is perfect for such the best manipulators. It’s also why losing a run doesn’t make sense to him: he refuses to accept the defeat and changes reality by restarting his history until he’s happy.

Let evil reign in the new world

Your purpose is to regain your power and smash two enemy factions: the demon hunter who once expelled you from Earth, and all that gains considerable influence and serves you in your absence. Sanctuary Lumen, a new sect that mercilessly pursues people in the world. By completing events on your route, you can increase your local terror gauge, sign treaties with humans, collect souls that can be exchanged for upgrades for your disciples … and above all, mortal. You can give someone a good reason to fall in fear in front of you again.

If you like roguelike games, this game and its challenges are for you.I hope the New World will have a devilish time forced to buckle under the devil’s yoke. Rogue RoadNow available on Xbox One!

Rogue Lords Day One Edition


Rogue Lords Day One Edition



$ 29.99

DAY ONE EDITION SPECIAL OFFER – Get free custom skins for Dracula, Bloody Mary and Headless Horseman to celebrate the release of the game! The DLC Moonlight Skins Pack is included free of charge for purchases from April 28, 2022 to May 12, 2022. It’s like the first villain to play as a demon. In other words, you can change some of the rules of the game to your advantage. Run after execution and manage a team of famous evil geniuses who have encountered unexpected events or turn-based battles. Unlock new skills, create powerful synergies, and use your power to change the situation to your advantage at critical moments. Only by collecting ancient relics can you finally take revenge on the Demon Hunter. Weakened from the defeat of the Dark Tale to the forces of good, you fled the world and tried to evacuate to hell to survive. Decades later, you came back with your most loyal disciples and took exact revenge on the miserable demon hunter. But your absence has changed the world. Your enemies have become omnipotent, and the new religion Sanctuary Lumen has become very influential. It mercilessly hunts down all the people who serve you. To regain the human world, you must first obtain a relic with legendary power and regain the power you had before. Control the famous evil genius – form a team of three disciples from Dracula, the Headless Knight, Bloody Mary, White Women, Lilith, Hecate, Baron Samedi, Frankenstein and their creatures. – Each disciple has its own story, abilities and gameplay. Combine skills to create devastating synergies and deal with people who dare to get in the way. – Collect souls and exchange them for new skills, upgrades and powerful relics that can strengthen your disciples. The devil plays with his own rules – sacrificing some of your health to control the interface of the game: nothing stops you – and certainly not a rule imposed on humans .. – Control disciples and enemy health bars to optimize stat effects for combat tactics, open portals on the map, and tilt odds to your advantage during the event. There are many opportunities to use the power of the devil while running. Regain the Right Place – Increase your terror gauge by winning battles, completing interactive events and earning valuable bonuses to your disciples. – Complete each event to your liking to reduce the influence of Sanctua Lumen, give the mortal a good reason to fear you, and determine the fate of the traitor who has allied with your enemies. please. – Revenge on the demon hunters in epic turn-based battles.

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