Play Nier Replicant at 60fps and above using this mod

The new remaster of Nier Replicant was only a few days, but already found a way for modder to unlock the frame rate. With the new mod of RPG games, you can play at over 60 frames per second.

Add-ons are available on Nexus, which makes action-adventure games “super fast”. To use it, simply extract the .exe file to the Nier Replicant folder in the Steam app, no matter where it is. Then go to dinput8.ini and set the required frame rate. Creators Ersh and Skacik PL say they have successfully tested up to 360 on a 144hz screen.

A list of known issues is provided, and it is expected that the way Nier Replicant handles inherently high frame rates will make the mouse sensitivity and UI animations a bit unstable and slow down the player. .. You don’t need the performance-enhancing software Special K, which is the program used to optimize the Steam version of Nier: Automata, but we recommend it, especially if you want to tackle other issues.

There seem to be in-game barriers to getting the most out of your GPU. The RTX 2070 can be the best at 120 FPS, regardless of the settings. Through this Discord, you can learn more about this mod and the Nier: Replicant community.

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