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Another night to forget Newcastle United fans, Steve Bruce chose a damage limit and Karl Darlow did his best to lower his score.

This is an evaluation of each player’s performance and a mark of 10 points.

From 11th:

Darlow – 8 * – The scoreline would have looked much uglier if he hadn’t made a series of top saves. He flipped a goal-bound cross from De Bruyne, blocked the Belgians one-on-one and pulled out a great save to prevent Aguero from going 3-0. Our best defeated player … again!

Yedlin – 5 – He was a bit defensively good at keeping the city quiet on the left side, but he didn’t chase Gundoan in the opening round and the quality of the ball could be very poor. His pace sometimes gave us an exit, but some terrible crosses and overhit passes often shortened those promising attacks.

Fernandez – 5 – At the last groove interception to cut the cross, it actually worked in Torres’ favor and lost the city’s second bearing! He held up Sterling several times and sometimes read the play carefully, but almost failed another goal as John Stones escaped from Argentina and made a mistake in his free header.

Schar – 5 – His return was very complicated. One of the key intercepts to prevent Torres from finding Torres early on, De Bruyne then cast a ghost behind him to reach the goal. Sometimes easily canceled and booked for an ironic trip to De Bruyne, some of his clearances were unconvincing. There are some great crossfield passes, but he no longer meets me with defensive confidence.

Clark – 6 – Breaking out of defense, effective many times, showing more aggressive intent than night forwards! I hit some of the city’s attacks and sometimes overtook them, but I didn’t make a big mistake.

Ritchie – 4 – Cancelo’s clever pass allowed Sterling to sneak behind him for the city’s early opener, so he caught ball watching-and that wasn’t the only time he caught ball watching! He rarely approached Cancelo, suffered from Sterling’s movements, and his delivery was poor. I’ll never give up, but after making a reservation, I was naturally absorbed in it.

Murphy – 7 – The only man in a black and white shirt collected shots at the target, and Ederson was forced to make two decent saves with a decent low strike. I actually tried to bring the ball forward and did some good runs to catch the city at the counter. For NUFC fans, our most promising outfielder on an otherwise boring night.

Hayden – – Five – Having a hard time getting on the ball and finding it difficult to dispose of the smooth city midfield, his discipline sometimes frustrated them. He showed his limits, but it’s no wonder we looked more competitive and compact when he was next to him in the middle of the park.

M longstaff – 6 – Stable display depending on the situation. There’s nothing to write at home, but he kept the game going well and was pretty tidy at the start of the first Premier League of the season. It’s not embarrassing to add some energy to our midfield and consider him and Hayden playing against De Bruyne, Rodri and Gundoan.

Almiron – 4 – Caught the ball dithering in a terrible position, giving City a second goal and almost ending our narrow hope of stealing an unlikely draw. There was one good ball behind Murphy and a decent cross in the first half, but there were too many frustrating moments when he retreated, hit a dead end and chose the wrong pass. It covered enough ground, but not necessarily enough to ultimately protect Ritchie.

Joelinton – 5 – Bruce said a few weeks ago that Brazilians didn’t like to take the lead on their own, and it was even more frustrating to decide to play him in such a tough match. Climbing best to flick Almiron’s cross, almost setting up a shear on the back post, enjoying a weird decent hold-up play and gaining his fair share in the air, but he’s a long striker It was once again clear that there wasn’t. It didn’t look like scoring and some loose touches, but it’s hard to criticize if you isolate the top and play in a position that’s clearly not suitable for him.


Lewis-5 – Ritchie was torn by Cancelo’s looting, caught, and then thrown into the deepest part. It wasn’t too bad, but if you want to play Mo Salah next week, you need to enhance the game.

Carol – 4 – Touched the ball only 4 times in 20 minutes. In his defense, he had never put the ball in the box when he was looking for a cross, but his lack of maneuverability and swing and mistakes summarize his desperate goal hunt. ..

Gail – N / A – Appeared to be playing on the left for the last 10 minutes. I barely got a kick and spent most of that time chasing!

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Player Ratings – Manchester 2-0 Newcastle: 1 8, 7, 2 6, Number 5, 3 4 | NUFC Blog Player Ratings – Manchester 2-0 Newcastle: 1 8, 7, 2 6, Number 5, 3 4 | NUFC Blog

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