Players from a new world are teaming up on the game’s newly proposed expertise system

The proposed changes on how players get gear and how effective it is are arming the New World player base.

The next December patch for New World will be for end-game content and games, as revealed in the latest public test realm build of the game and detailed in the official blog post from the developer Amazon Game Studios. It will bring some major changes to the game, including changes to the current benchmark system. Watermark is a new system called Expert, which works much like before, but by participating in endgame activities, players need to gradually get better items with higher gear scores, but overall. There is one big change that is causing many controversies.

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Currently, the high water mark system only affects the drop of an item, not the actual effect of that item. This means that players with low watermarks in certain gear slots can equip and use higher gear score items, such as craft items, for maximum effect as long as they meet the level requirements.

Not so after the release of the upcoming December update. Players using gear with a gear score higher than their proficiency level will be able to see items that are basically downgraded to match their proficiency level. That is, a player who has made high level armor and has acquired a high gear score item from the quest or purchased the highest level gear. Other players will need to participate in the Endgame Grind to get the most out of their gear.

This has become a major topic in the New World subreddit. Here, players who have gone through the process of creating or purchasing end-game gear are, of course, not excited about future changes.

These players have spent a lot of time and money trying to make the best gear in the game. And now, unless you spend dozens of hours honing your level of expertise, gear that is already spending a lot of time and effort is effectively communicated. Making is worthless. The market for high-level gear sold by other players has also plummeted, and unless buyers spend the time and effort needed to increase their level of expertise, it will be significantly less effective.

Since the system is just available for testing the game on PTR, there is still time for Amazon to make changes before the update is the live version of New World. But so far, Amazon hasn’t commented on the controversy yet.

It’s the latest issue that has plagued the New World, following its massive, somewhat rocky launch. Over the last few months, Amazon has shut down the entire game economy twice with exploits that break multiple games. The big patch at the end of the game caused many problems that caused all sorts of problems, including time travel servers.

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