Players share Cyber ​​punk 2077 bugs using the # Cyber ​​bug2077 hashtag

Bugs are accompanied by memes. And then there’s the Twitter trend.

With an overwhelming swarm of bugs (both game-breaking and hilarious), the hashtag # Cyberbug2077 is popular on Twitter, and players use it to share glitches and complaints. Cyberpunk 2077..

This is primarily a combination of known bugs and bugs previously reported in the CD Projekt Red open world SFRPG. This includes textures not loading, models and objects clipping the environment, Go through the level..

Some people simply share the same clips and memes, and use hashtags to rush to call unfinished games on CD Projekt Red “scams” or “scams” to eliminate frustration. There are also people.

At the same time, fans claim they haven’t encountered any of the reported issues before blaming people for not upgrading their hardware, and hashtags to protect the current state of the game. I used it. Of course, when it comes to console versions, if cyberpunk couldn’t run on hardware seven years ago, some would say that there was no business to release for those platforms in the first place.

1 Twitter user However, even though I had a high spec PC with SSD and all the latest patches and drivers were updated, the game had the problem of slowing down and choppy audio before it crashed again.

There are at least several types of glitches that have seen the character’s clothes disappear, which adds some balance to at least the embarrassing body parts. In addition to V’s penis sticking out of his pants, another player noticed that his chest was popping out of his clothes, rather than the intentional porn star fashion.

Despite all these bugs, it doesn’t prevent cyberpunk from breaking the record as the best-selling PC game ever. The worst performance issues can worsen the game’s score on the console, but CD Projekt Red also states that the team will receive the full bonus, regardless of the review method.

For those who are still trying to start cyberpunk on their own, find out which life path to choose to start the story in Night City.

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Players use #Cyberbug2077 hashtag to share Cyberpunk 2077 bugs

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