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Championship Week has arrived. Fifteen weeks of ups and downs, abandonment of wire gems, and the first draft flop put the most sensitive owners on the verge of winning everything. However, the work to collect another victory lineup is not yet complete, as it begins on Christmas Day, when the Vikings-Saints begin the 16th week.

For those who haven’t reached the title game, consider this week as a motivation to put together a 2021 championship lineup when the draft season begins in just eight months.

Start: Jalen Hurts, QB, Eagles: Hearts is a must-see on the third start, adding 169 rushyards and scores, producing four touchdown passes without interception in 74 trials. He crossed the finish line as he undertook the ninth worst Cowboys defense with fantasy points per game allowed in the opposite quarterback while allowing the second highest total points in the league (433). There is a great opportunity to take a fantasy owner.

sit: Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers: It’s not time to trust Big Ben to return to the early season form. Not after making an average of 178.5 yards in the last two games and making three passcuts. Colts’ pass defense has been struggling lately, but is still ranked sixth with the fewest fantasy points per game allowed for competing quarterbacks. The Pittsburgh Receive Group has not yet shaken off that tendency to drop passes. The reason for keeping an eye on Roethlisberger is even more so.

start: David Montgomery, RB, Bears: In the last four games, Montgomery has 434 yards and five hasty touchdowns, with many fantasy teams participating in Championship Week. There is little reason to think that Montgomery will slow down this week. It’s the fourth worst fantasy point per game, not against the Jaguars defense, allowing you to abandon 18 touchdowns on the ground and counter running backs.

SIT: Mike Davis, RB, Panthers: If Christian McCafely doesn’t play, Davis will line up for the next start. It also means that fantasy owners should stay away from Davis, who managed only 61 yards from Scrimmage in his 15th week defeat at Packers. Facing Washington, which allows the third fewest fantasy points per game to the opposite running back, Davis is in a clear position for fantasy owners.

Start: Brandin Cooks, WR, Texans: Cooks hasn’t scored since Week 9, but has been targeted at least five times in all games since Week 5. This allowed 19 touchdown passes to the opposite wideout this season.

SIT: DK Met Calf, WR, Seahawks: He failed to score in three of the last four games and was kept below 61 yards in four of the last six games. Yes, Met Calf is certainly capable of Big Week 16, but don’t count on it as he faces the Rams defense. 10 wins over Seattle in a week.

start: Tyler Eifert, TE, Jaguars: There is a risk here as Eifert had more than 5 targets in the game only once from the 5th week, but anyone in the center of Jacksonville’s Bears You have a chance to consistently connect with Eifert for defense This season, allowing 10 touchdown passes to TE and the third worst fantasy point allowed per game to counter the tight end ..

sit: Evan Engram, TE, Giants: Engram peaked at 129 yards outing in the 12th week and has declined since then, managing only 96 yards in 10 receptions in the last three games. As long as Colt McCoy starts in the quarterback, his numbers can lean mediocre. And it doesn’t help Engram’s cause face a rugged Raven’s Pass defense that leads the league in Blitz percentages.

Start: Tom Brady, QB, Buccaneers: Last week, Brady showed a 390-yard 2 TD performance against the Falcons, and Brady was in fantasy when faced with the fourth worst Lions defense against the opposite QB. I got another opportunity to reward the owner. Allows 29 touchdown passes.

SIT: Kirk Cousins, Quarterback, Viking: Fantasy owners have been helped by Cousins’ multiple touchdown passes in six of the last seven games, but it’s time to jump off the Cousins ​​bandwagon. I did. It allows the fourth lowest yard in the league and is also ranked fourth in the total percentage of QB pressure.

Start: Amari Cooper, WR, Cowboys: Despite finishing the worst outing of the season in week 15, Cooper is well-suited for rebounding as he faces the defense of the Eagles who fought the Cardinal last week. I will. Cooper should score in three consecutive games before the 15th week and benefit from the large number of targets from QB Andy Dalton.

SIT: D’Andre Swift, RB, Lions: Rookie has scored three times in the last two games, but has the unfortunate task of trying to produce a solid fantasy figure against the Buccaneers’ defense, the least allowed. Leads the league in the rushyard of. 3.4 yards per league lowest carry. Tampa Bay is also rushing to allow touchdowns, giving up just nine this season.

Start: Zack Moss, RB, Bills: Moss beat Broncos in a rush of 81 yards in the 15th week, the best result of the season. Despite sharing a carry with Devin Singletary, Moss not only snaps a five-game skid that doesn’t record touchdowns in a hurry, but also allows the Patriots to be the sixth-rushed yard in the league. There is a great opportunity to approach 100 yards against your defense.

SIT: Jonnu Smith, TE, Titans: He hasn’t exceeded 61 yards since the third week and hasn’t scored in three of the last four games. These are the numbers that fantasy owners don’t want during Championship Week. Therefore, Smith should be on the sidelines of the Packers’ defense, which has the least number of fantasy points allowed per game to counter the tight end.

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