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The· Toronto Raptors Nick Nurse’s philosophy has been an attack-led team for the last few years, as it relies on efficient shooting beyond the three-point line and mass movements without the ball. The basketball style pioneered by Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets permeated Toronto, emphasizing simple shots with three pointers and rims.

This style usually helped nurses compete for the first seed at the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, due to injuries, COVID-19, and general performance degradation, Toronto is out of the postseason, with three-point shoots alive and dead (and more often dead than this season) crimes. It may be the cause.

FanSided Nylon Calculus Birds of prey have been shown to be one of the league leaders in the percentage of molly balls. This is also known as the percentage of the team’s true shot chance at the rim, free throw line, or 3-point line. The Raptors also score high on pace, off-ball player movements, and on-ball movements.

Despite the fact that the Raptors are playing a more common style in the modern NBA, only two teams playing this style of basketball, Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelican, are ranked. Top 10 in the league in terms of attack efficiency. Toronto is 14th.

Is it time for Toronto to switch things?

Does the Toronto Raptors need to switch attacks?

Toronto just ranked The points per game this season are 18th and the offensive rating is 13th., A sharp decrease from the last two seasons. Despite playing in an attack that requires a lot of great shooting Gary Trent, Having played with the team for several weeks, Paul Watson, who isn’t rock to keep the rotation, makes more than 40% of the three balls.

There are two problems with the current Raptors attack. First, as great as torrents, Kyle Lowry And Fred VanVleet aren’t ridiculously isolated scorers, given their low points per possession. Norman Powell, Top 5 league points per ISO, He is trading in Portland, although it may help delay the attack.

Second, teams that have proven to be good at slowing down can rely on larger centers to participate in painting. Due to how poor Aron Baynes was, the Raptors lacked the internal muscles to get the job done, as Chem Birch was welcomed as the Second Coming.

For such smart and skilled coaches, nurses seem unaware of the fact that this style of play is currently simply not working. He doesn’t have a horse to completely reinvent his style, but making some tweaks here and there could help him get a better reputation for his team next year. There is.

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Playing Daryl Morey’s basketball style didn’t work Playing Daryl Morey’s basketball style didn’t work

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