PlayStation 5: Accessibility Review

Accessibility has come a long way from the previous generation consoles to the new generation consoles. It’s easy to forget that in the short seven years, “accessibility” has become the foundation of the next generation from a word that is barely recognized in the game glossary. The PS5 is a good example of years of accessibility efforts. The foundation is there and there are some holes to fill in, but it’s functionally much better than what was available on the PS4 when it was first launched in 2013.


These efforts are evident from the first boot of the system, where the text-to-speech screen reader becomes active after 60 seconds, helping the blind player guide the setup process. This is not unique to this generation, but screen readers are now available worldwide and include multiple languages. Screen readers work fine, read text in all formats, and adjust speed, volume, and voice type (male or female).

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The PS4 has a sufficient number of accessibility options, and Sony has taken them over to the PS5. The accessibility menu has options that allow you to bold or enlarge the text, invert colors, remap the controller, and turn vibrations on and off. However, one of the important features of PS4 that PS5 does not have is the zoom option that allows the player to magnify the screen. Although not without restrictions (when enabled, most of the buttons on the controller were disabled and the magnification couldn’t be adjusted), the zoom option is for low-vision players like me and legally blind players. Helped to use the system or play the game more comfortably. Hopefully Sony will bring this option back in a future update.

An option to help with color blindness is a new feature on PS5. You can now adjust the type of color blindness for red / green color blindness, green / red color blindness, or blue / yellow color blindness. You can also view the color palette while adjusting these filters, so you can adjust the intensity of each colorblind filter to suit your needs.

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