PlayStation 5 is the best-selling hardware in US history

It’s been almost a month since the PlayStation and Xbox launched their next-generation hardware. The NPD Group, an industry tracking company, says the PS5 has surpassed the record previously held by another member of the PlayStation family.

“PlayStation 5 achieved the highest monthly launch and video game hardware platform sales in US history,” said NPD analyst Matt Piscatella. “The record was previously held by PlayStation 4, which debuted in November 2013.”

The key phrase is “dollar sales,” as Nintendo Switch points out that it holds the best-selling gaming hardware platform record for 24 consecutive months with record sales. That record goes nowhere, as Switch reported yesterday that 1.35 million, the best-selling console in November, were sold out.

The difference in consumer costs is approximately 2 to 1 depending on the hardware being compared. To catch up with Sony’s revenue, Nintendo will need to sell twice as many units to Sony’s PS5.

No matter how you look at it, the video game market looks incredibly healthy from what NPD reports. All three console makers are competing with other makers in the global epidemic.


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