PlayStation 5 takes over London Underground and celebrates console launch

Sony has released the PlayStation 5 console, with some underground logo signs converted to iconic PlayStation symbols and giving some stations a bit of a cheeky name change after some upcoming PS5 games. We partnered with Transport for London for promotion.

The Roundel outside Oxford Circus Station has been refurbished to the main, but the interior of several other London Stations on the Bakerloo, Victoria and Central Lines has also been decorated.In addition, some stations have been renamed-mile ends are temporarily known as mile ends. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Lancaster Gate is now Ratchet & Crank-Astor Gate, Seven Sisters Gran Turismo 7 Sisters and West Ham Station is now Horizon: Forbidden West Ham. Of course.

Not surprisingly, this all celebrates tomorrow’s release of PlayStation 5, which will finally be released in the UK and other countries, following the release of consoles in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea last week. ..

If you can’t get off yourself to check this (unfortunately, given that England is in the middle of a blockade, this is understandable), you can see the image below. Meanwhile, while waiting for the console tomorrow, take a look at Josh’s verdict on the PlayStation 5 in the review here.

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