PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan talks about building a “sticky” community

Community is one of the buzzwords that is difficult to define. This has always been a popular concept in marketing and advertising, and is a keyword in the age of the Internet, where social media dominates. Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, provided insights into how gaming companies view the community, the user base.

Ryan’s vision for the PlayStation community includes “stickiness and tribal nature” as an important feature.Ryan defines stickiness as “hard to peel off once stuck” and “probably [PlayStation] Opportunity to keep those people in places they may have been to in the past. “

He continues. “There is data to support this. The networked nature of entertainment these days allows the community to be very tenacious and maintain a sort of homogeneity.” Ryan said, by incorporating new demographics. We want to expand our “tribal, networked and sticky” community. He cites the female protagonist and the company’s efforts on geographic expansion to strengthen the PlayStation user base. Ryan said: [the Middle East and Germany].. But likewise, I think Asia other than Japan has great potential for us. And Latin America has great potential for us. “

Talking about the trend of big game companies to buy studios, Microsoft recently bought Bethesda, but Ryan praises the organic growth of Sony’s existing studios. In particular, he cites the Ghost of Tsushima, a soccer punch with amazing commercial success. “Very quiet, in a very PlayStation way, we’ve built something very special in these studios,” Ryan commented. “You can do it with enthusiastic or measured acquisitions, or you can do it organically.”

What Ryan essentially means is that everyone connected via some sort of social media will help the PlayStation build a loyal consumer base. Ryan commented that the PS5 was intentionally designed to facilitate network expansion. It includes more sharing features such as screen sharing and easy switching between video and image capture.

PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12th. If you can’t pre-order, the best way to get a console may be during Black Friday. Learn more about.

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